Wednesday, December 14, 2011

it's the most wonderful time of the year...

Or the busiest.
I haven't meant to abandon ship over here... I've just been overwhelmed with life lately.
I'm not sure who's brilliant idea it was to do all homemade gifts this year.
And I'm also wondering who's brilliant idea it was to bring home a new puppy in what's turning out to be pretty much our busiest month ever.
Or who's even more brilliant idea it was to cram in the mass of our foster care training hours (and paperwork wrangling... never underestimate the paperwork wrangling!!) in December.

I REEEEAALLY need a pause button this week. Or an extra 48 hrs.
Between taking care of a new puppy, finishing up Christmas gifts to mail out, figuring out teacher/busdriver gifts, third grade homework, classroom activities -for both kids!- every single day this week, an extra baking project for school, holiday parties, assembling and mailing out Christmas cards, cheer practice, basketball practice, small group for church, and not one, not two, but THREE nights of foster care classes for us grown ups this week (plus a load of homework and a binder full of paperwork to complete!)...
I'm a little swamped.
And pooped.

The kids are done with school Friday morning.
I'm hoping I can breathe by then.

The good news is, if I survive this week, we should have all next week to relax.
And cram in all our Christmassy activities! Ryan and I have his work Christmas dinner to go to this weekend, and maybe Sunday we can do our annual Christmas light drive and donuts. Then I hope to spend the week napping, making cookies, do some good samaritan/holiday cheer type outings with the kids (take a salvation army bell ringer hot chocolate, tape change to a vending machine, christmas goodies to fire station, etc), build a recycled "gingerbread" village, finish up the kids' Christmas shopping/gift making, camp out in the family room and sleep by the twinkling Christmas tree lights and snuggle up to watch all the Christmas movies we have backlogged on our dvr.
I can't wait.


Mom said...

Whew! Really glad next week will have much less demands on you. Just keep reminding yourself of that,so you can get thru THIS week. Wish I could help...XOXOXOX

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