Tuesday, November 1, 2011

second verse, same as the first

Happy Halloween!

I feel like I'm repeating the same thing year after year around here... quick slap up the kids' Halloween stuff while we're busy with family here visiting and a birthday to cover tomorrow followed by the actual birthday party later this week. Exactly the same, every year. :)

So as per the norm, here are a few quick pics of the kids' Halloween adventures.
Sidenote: Halloween is when I find myself missing our old neighborhood the most. Halloween is not a holiday that ranks very high on my list, but our previous neighborhood converted me. The good old fashioned fun spirit of being creative and dressing up and making the night all about fun for the kids and the whole community enjoying each other out on a (usually) beautiful fall evening with not only candy but surprise treats and firebowls and fun kiddie haunted houses and donuts and hot cider and cold beers and friends passing by and neighbors mingling in the streets and kids just having so much fun... it was the best.
It's just [so far] not the same here. :/

Anyway. We of course won't let that stop us from having fun. And we did see a few people (kids from school) that we knew out and about. And Savannah went to a schoolmate's Halloween party and had a blast. Didn't hurt that she brought home a trophy for Best Costume!
Her plan for Halloween was to be a paper doll and she was super excited about that one. However, she was concerned about her (posterboard) costume getting ruined at a party full of third and fourth graders with games and food. So she last minute thought up (herself) an alternate costume; a granny. I slipped out and grabbed her a dollar pair of glasses and a pair of knee high panty hose from the Dollar Tree and we tossed a little baby powder in her hair and she was ready to go!

Then for actual Halloween, she was the Paper Doll she had set her heart on....

And everyone loved her costume.
Even Ryan...

And of course, we can't leave out Savannah's faithful sidekick; Frankenstein...

I've ever seen. ;)

And that concludes our yearly speed version of a Halloween Holiday recap in the midst of houseguests and birthday prep. Oh, and NaBloPoMo too! haha!!

Hope your Halloween was Happy!


Shannon said...

Great costumes!!

Mom said...

The kiddos looked awesome.You did a super job with the costumes!Did you see the rare red backed spider walking with Gabe at the zoo??;0) I think you are just going to have to convert your new neighborhood into something more like the MO one.Let them see/know how it should be done for Halloween!Give Sawyer a BIG birthday HUG from us !!XOXOX

Kelly said...

I love the paper doll costume! What a creative idea!!

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