Thursday, October 6, 2011

in the laundry room

{I'm doing a weekly "tour" of a room in our house in celebration of one year living here.
You can find previously showcased rooms here.}
Well, my plan was to go in a flow, through the house, so you would get a real idea of the layout as we went through the rooms. We started in the back corner of the house with the family room, came through the kitchen and right on into the dining room. Adjacent to the dining room is the front living room, but I kind of got stalled out there. I'm in the middle of recovering our ottoman and it's taking longer than I had hoped for. So we're interrupting our trip around the house and jumping back to the kitchen area where I just finished up a little re-do of the laundry
room, located in between the kitchen and the garage.

In the laundry room we...
painted walls (leftover paint, Lowe's Valspar Cottage Linen)
painted cabinets (leftover paint, Lowe's Valspar Deep Turquoise)
changed out hardware (Walmart clearance, $4)
recovered linoleum (peel & stick vinyl "wood" tiles from Big Lots, $24)
added new rug (Target clearance $7.33)
added retractable clothesline ($8 online)
added homemade decor (address canvas, home definition printed and framed, and clothspin bag made out of a clearance apron found at Homegoods for $5 and a cheap tie hanger)(oh, and added a recycle symbol in vinyl to the recycle bin!)
and spray painted door hardware in Oil Rubbed Bronze (had on hand, free)

total spent: less than $50


It was pretty much always a mess like this. I always kept the door closed because the floor and the whole room in general was so dingy and sad looking, I didn't want anyone seeing it anyway. And as long as the door always got shut, I didn't care what mess we had piled in there.

I'm happy to say since we've been finished in here (really only been a week) it's been kept nice and clean!! It's nice to have a little
room that I actually like to look at now!

--first off, here's a shot of the doors in our kitchen for comparison sake. which one do you like better?

And on into the laundry room...

retractable clothesline w/ clothespin bag below it :)

canvas hung with hinges so we can cover, but easily access, the breaker box

and one more time,

--By the way, the other little random room on the main floor is the half bathroom, which was actually the very first room we completely finished up and I shared way back last fall. You can see that here if you missed it.


Anonymous said...

OMG i LOVE it. sooo cute! i adore the cabinets!!! i wonder if i'll ever have the nerve to paint mine :)

Heidi said...

I love the cabinets!
I'm so going to paint my laundry room cabinets the same color now.
Nice job on all your hard work.
I keep telling myself I'll get to the downstairs area of our house some day...want to help next time you're in town? (Just teasing...sort of).

Chrissy said...

You are so creative! Have you ever given step by step instructions on painting cabinets? I can't remember. Also...have you ever spray painted a door? Seeing as you are the queen of spray paint, thought I'd ask. :)

heather said...

Chrissy- I did absolutely nothing to these cabinets but slap some (satin finish) paint on them. For more heavily trafficked cabinets I might sand them down a bit and then topcoat it with a few coats of polycrylic. We only did all that with kitchen cabinets and a pretty well banged up kids bathroom cabinet. I've painted other bathroom cabinets with just paint and they've held up no problem.

I've never spray painted a door. I'm not very patient with spray paint so I tend to stick to small projects. I'm sure it'd be fine... just take it slow with many light coats.

jenny said...

this makes me want to like ... repaint everything in my house! lol! love everything about it. i might need to hang a retractable clothesline in my room now too! yey! i like the laundry room door. :)

Mom said...

Love everything about it/in it!!!! You need to earn $$$$$ helping others redo their spaces! XOXOXOXO

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