Sunday, September 25, 2011


I am so exhausted.
I may just sleep all day tomorrow while everyone else in my house is gone.

It was a long (rough) week and a long (great) weekend. And I'm pooped.
I spent last Tuesday in the ER with severe back (kidney) pain. After xrays and a CT scan; kidney stone diagnosed. Sent home with painkillers and anti-nausea meds. Layed low for a few days.
Skipping ahead to Friday and Saturday, Ryan and I spent all day attending an amazing conference here in Nashville and while we absolutely loved the time we spent listening and learning, they were two long days with a lot of heavy stuff being thrown at us. Wonderful but exhausting. I want to share more thoughts here about the conference later for sure. After I've processed a little more. And had some sleep. :)

Friday evening after our sessions, we went out to dinner with the friends who were helping us with the kids for these two days and got home pretty late. Saturday after the conference we rushed home, picked up the kids and had our neighbors and a friend over for dinner and the Oregon/Arizona (some of these friends are from AZ) football game. Of course, being a west coast game it was super late, with the last of our visitors leaving after midnight. Then for some crazy reason (or, likely, way too much going on in my brain) I could not fall asleep. I know I didn't actually get to sleep until after 3am. And we were up at 7 this morning. Not a great idea.

We went to church this morning and then joined some church friends for an early lunch -including grilled salmon caught by one of the friends on his trip this summer to Alaska! YUM!!- which turned into a several hours of visiting and games before we finally headed home after 3 o'clock.
We immediately set to work in the backyard as we're having a guy come tomorrow to work more on our lawn and Ryan had to dig out five or six concrete post bases left in the ground by one of our neighbors who redid and moved one side of our fence before we moved in. Ugh.

In the midst of that, our backyard neighbors invited us to share braughts and mac&cheese with them for dinner.

Ryan's currently cutting Sawyer's hair and after I throw him in the shower and then tuck both kids in, I'm planning on flopping immediately into bed myself!

That's our week/weekend in a nutshell.
How was yours?


Mom said...

Other than a little house hunting with Trish,and attending the symphony with Becky...pretty boring. But it was fun hearing about yours!!!XOXOXOX

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