Thursday, September 1, 2011

ten things this thursday

  1. Sorry it's been kind of quiet around here. I didn't even snap any of my usual Wednesday pictures. I've had a lot on my mind.
  2. Had a migraine Tuesday, and am not feeling too hot again today. Just off, really.
  3. Ryan's leaving tomorrow to drive solo half way across the country. On a major holiday weekend. I'm trying not to worry think about it too much, but this makes me nervous. I tend to stress out about things like this. The hardest part of living 400 miles apart last year? Was me worrying about the long drive he was making back and forth. I'm pretty much gonna be a wreck all weekend.
  4. Also, anyone who knows our history knows Ryan leaving town doesn't bode well for our luck here while he's away, so keep us all in your prayers. No illness, no emergencies, no cars breaking down.
  5. So I'm trying to line up lots of things to keep us busy to try and distract me from worrying about his trip this weekend. I have a few projects to keep myself busy and hopefully get some of my book list checked off after the kids are in bed each night. Also friends coming in to stay with us Sunday!
  6. I had planned on doing a big picture post today recapping all of our summer fun (Hello September!) but sitting in front of the computer doesn't help my queasy feeling today, so you're getting this quick and random post instead. :)
  7. Not even sure I have ten quick and random things.
  8. I have been wanting to share one of the biggest things on my mind all week though; friends of ours... Sawyer went to preschool with their oldest, this family joined us for our New Years Dinner this past year, and Ryan has shared a ride to campus with the dad for the past 8 months... They have a six-year-old, two-year-old and a now two-week-old newborn. And the mom just suffered a stroke last weekend. We saw Kevin and the boys Saturday in the midst of all of it... Crazy scary with an initial misdiagnosis and three different ER trips with confusion, weakness, speech problems and eventually paralysis until finally Mindy ended up in surgery Sunday evening to relieve the pressure on her brain after they finally determined she was indeed having a stroke. She's stable as of now, but still on a ventilator and still mostly sedated so there are no real answers yet as to how much the stroke has/will affect her. Given the amount of time between her initial symptoms and treatment (Friday morning to Sunday night!) there is potential for a significant amount of brain damage. So obviously, you can pray for them please. For Kevin, for the kids and of course Mindy's health and healing. She's the same age as me.
  9. On that happy note...
  10. I got nothin' else.


Mom said...

Wishing I was there to hug you. Trust. God is SO faithful. Praying for you ,and yours and Mindy and her family.XOXOXOXXO

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