Friday, August 26, 2011

i fear change

It's weird for me to admit that, because I like to think that I like change.
I like new things, changing things up, rearranging, new adventures...
I've realized.
I like it to be on my terms.
Things that I want to change.
Not things that I'm perfectly happy with.

We got new house phones yesterday.
(yes we are living in the last century and still have a house phone. I feel safer with it. I like the 911 aspect, the fact that we always have a phone around even if I don't know where my cell phone is, and the fact that my kids can talk to their friends and not have to give out my cell phone number as theirs. :) )
Problem is, I was perfectly happy with our old phones. In fact, the last time we had to replace our phone, years back, we bought the same exact set as the previous ones. I liked it. I was used to it.

Now we got these new ones and they just look... so.... so......
And it doesn't fit right on my shelf and it doesn't blink to let us know there's a new voicemail and I have to actually program them and blah blah blah blah blah. I seriously found myself bothered yesterday by these new phones. And I don't know how many times I thought to myself, I just want it to be like the old ones.

And I realized I do the same with lots of stupid little things like that.
When I have a foundation/concealer/mascara/substitute any make-up product here that I love... never fails that the next time I go to replace it, it's no where to be found. It's been replaced with the next bigger and better thing. So I buy something else. And don't like it as much and simmer about it almost every time I use said item.

I'm not sure why I let it bother me so.
Why do they always think newer=better??
I'm not sure why I complain about it so much and for so long.
Why can't they just leave a good thing alone??

I do it with kids' games too. Oh, big time.
All the classic things we loved as kids... they have to go and mess with them and try to make them "new and improved" and it drives me crazy. Everything has to be flashy and electronic -I'm looking at you Guess Who, Life and Monopoly- or just made cheaper -yes, you, Battleship-. They couldn't even leave a simple game like Connect Four alone. The Lite-Brite, the real classic Big Wheels... they have to keep changing it up until it's just a sorry imitation of what was a great toy.

And then I realize feel like an old fogey... "goshdarn all these these kids and all their new fandangled gadgets!"


How do you feel about change?


Mom said...

Maybe your post would be more appropriately titled "I fight change" I know mine would be.Doesn't seem like fear is exactly the right word,in MOST circumstances. More like I don't let things change without some kicking and screamimg .I want MY way.And I am with you,I REALY hate the way games have changed...smaller,more cheaply made,odd changes in the rules(?)...some things need to be left alone! I have had pretty good luck finding some "old" favorite make up items on Amazon. It's worth a try ,if you have your old package to go by.XOXO

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