Monday, July 18, 2011

monday drive by

complete with bullets:

  • My parents flew in early Saturday. They're here for 2+ weeks.
  • Ryan flew out early Sunday. His Grandpa Bob passed away last week. Wished I could go too as what convenient timing with my parents being here to stay with the kids... but on the other hand, parents are here. And holy crap have you had to look at last minute, purchase a day ahead of time airfare lately??? So he's gone until Thursday.
  • So I'm spending this week entertaining the two kids + two grandparents in my house by myself and trying to get us all packed and prepared for our vacation. We're leaving the morning after Ryan gets back.
  • I've been sleeping terribly lately. With Grandpa being sick and trying to decide if/when Ryan/we should go out, and then him actually passing away and then having to decide if/when/who should go out combined with my parents coming in, late night phone calls, early morning (or is it actually the middle of the night?) airport runs... plus I was in the middle of a dozen projects anyway so of course my brain won't shut off easily. So. Tired.
  • And I've probably gained back the 10 pounds I lost.
  • We're headed to the zoo today. Trying to beat the heat this morning. (ha)
  • And then come home to nap and swim.
  • Wow. Even my simple bullets are ho-hum today!


KimBerly said...

Sorry to hear about Ryan's Grandpa. Sending prayers your family's way.

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