Tuesday, July 5, 2011

happy 4th

Our friends left bright and early Monday and so the four of us headed out to get some bike riding in before the heat of the day. (who am I kidding, it was already hot. we rode and played on the playground and were home by 9:30!)

We spent the rest of the midday of the holiday in a combination of movies and naps on our big comfy couch before heading down to Franklin to check out their 4th of July festivities. Super disappointed in that, since it's advertised as "free" but the only thing that is free is the local music on stage and walking by all the vendors. They had a huge kids area with inflatables and rock climbing and bungee jumping, but that all cost $$. Did I mention $$$? Like $20 just to do the inflatables. Per kid. Uh, no thanks.
We were really missing our great fourth of July festival tradition back in Missouri. :(

After a couple of $8 bungee jumps, $3 waters and $5 kettle corn (which was yummy and worth it), we ditched Franklin and stopped by home to grab some dinner, a cooler and blankets and headed to another festival closer to our house for the evening and for the fireworks. We seriously considered just camping out on our roof (I thought the kids would get a kick out of that!) and scoping out what we could see from our own place, but I'm glad we ventured out and found this little festival after all.
They had a whole big kids area with (FREE!) inflatables and games and facepainting and tattoos... when the kids tired of that we wandered thru the sponsor booths and vendors, got some free balloons and glow sticks, bought some ice cream ($1 each, thankyouverymuch) and then camped by our cooler, with Sawyer playing ball with some other boys and Ryan, Savannah and I playing cards on our blankets. Then the kids did some crazy dancing as the sun set with their glow sticks/necklaces. When it finally got dark, the fireworks show was great (Savannah even captured it on camera) and all in all it was a really nice, small town feeling celebration.


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