Tuesday, May 31, 2011

he's no longer a preschooler

Bad Mommy Blogger that I am these days, I completely skipped over all but casually mentioning Sawyer's preschool graduation last week two weeks ago. Here are the highlights:

Walking the stage for his "diploma"

Favorite kid

Favorite friend

Favorite teachers

Loved Miss Anita and Miss Carolyn!
Sawyer loved his pre-k year with everyone. :)

Here are a couple of quick videos (mostly for the grandmas I'm sure):
the first of Sawyer getting his diploma... they announce what he wants to be when he grows up. And yes, he's getting used to being called Saw-yer here in the south rather than the "soy"yer we're all used to. And I'm not sure why he's walking like a constipated hunchback across the stage.

pre-k grad from heather morrison on Vimeo.

And the second, a snippet of the (much longer) program the two graduating classes did for the "ceremony". And don't ask me why he's not actually singing or saying much... I know he knows all of these!

graduation program from heather morrison on Vimeo.


Mom said...

Tooo cute! Thanks so much for sharing. Of course I will want to watch it all again with Sawyer when we see you next.XOXOXOXO

KimBerly said...

Oh my gosh!! BIG BOY!!

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