Friday, January 21, 2011

this week

I feel like it's been quite the productive week.

I have...

...had three extra boys spend the night early in the week

...taken the kids in to have lunch with Ryan on MLKday

...done a combination of online super sales and second hand store shopping which has resulted in lots of clothes for the kids (mostly for next school year) for super cheap.

...cleaned and organized the master bathroom
This was no small task... it's honestly never really been unpacked since we moved in; pretty much all the contents of our previous two bathrooms and linen closet. Until now we've simply dug around to find what we need when we need it. Our bathroom cabinets were still mostly empty with stuff sitting around -in the way- in boxes and laundry baskets and we had never even used the second sink in our bathroom because it was piled high with make-up, flat irons and junk.

...purged (again) and reorganized the playroom; rearranged shelving and added shades to close in the top shelves of the built-ins and "installed" a hanging light.

...finished a canvas "art" piece for the living room

...done six loads of laundry

...had a hot dinner on the table five out of the past six nights

...made cookies and poptarts and applesauce bread

I'm ready for the weekend.

Except that over the weekend I'd really like to...
get my buffet/sewing cabinet project done and painted
get the new (free!!) entryway chair painted
possibly paint the playroom or the living room and/or the stairway/upstairs hall.

But for now we're relaxing. The kids are home (again) today with ice on the roads (making a total of only actually attending school three out of the last 10 school days!!) and we're just chillin'. Literally. It's 10 degrees outside and so we're in for the day.
I have applesauce bread in the oven, banana bread ready to go in next, and I've decided I'm going to spend most of the day curled up reading (yes, reading! I'm so excited!!) on the couch in the living room where I have a view of the kids trashing playing together in the playroom. It's been a nice morning.

And since it's been awhile...
Friday Questions for you!

1. What book are you reading right now (or would really like to be reading)?
2. What was the best thing you accomplished this past week?
3. Do you decorate for Valentine's Day?


Christina said...

Hi Heather! Getting stuff done feels so good, right?! Good job Mama.
1. I actually just finished My Daughter's Dream by Francine Rivers. It was part of a series and is very good. I actually miss it, and need to find another book to dive into.
2. The best thing I accomplished this week was probably getting to the gym a few times. I was sick last week, so it didn't happen. And, i cleaned all three bathrooms on Wednesday instead of right before small group last night.
3. I do decorate a little for Valentines. I just inherited this small white branch tree that was my Grammy's that passed away. She has all these little hearts that I put all over it. It is very sweet. My mom also got me a cute little beaded heart wreath and block letters that say love, hugs, kisses, xoxo from the target dollar section last week that look sweet on my mantle. The kids like to put heart clings on the sliding glass door, and I have a few heartsy candles around too.

K.M.L said...

1.Right now I'm reading the 2nd book in The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo series. It's called The Girl who Played with Fire. So good! :)

2. This past week I accomplished getting part of my master's final paper finished.

3. I don't really decorate for Valentine's day, but want to. Just need to come up with a few, nice, simple decorations!

jessica said...

I'm now reading A Confederacy of Dunces. It is a funny book, and I really don't read funny books. It doesn't call my name and beg me to come read it, but I do laugh out loud non stop. I guess this means I really am a person who would rather cry than laugh.

Boy, what did I accomplish? Good question. Laundry. And I've been working the last three days, and that has gone relatively smoothly for the week, wreaking minimal havoc on my family's days.

I have some Valentine's Day decorations, and sometimes they come out, and sometimes they don't. I should do it this year. I will try.

Heidi said...

I just finished the Hunger Games them for Christmas and just couldn't put them down. I'm also in the middle of reading Freedom by Jonathan Frazen. It's ok so far.

This week we started creating my new home gym. Painting is almost done. A gallon didn't quite cover the whole room so we'll have to get more this weekend. Gabe even painted the ceiling. We still need to figure out what we'll do for the flooring. The leopard print tiles on the floor that we have now just don't do it for me.

I don't really do Valentine's Day...actually the only holiday I decorate for is Christmas.

anne said...

I'm about to start reading Little Bee by Chris Cleave. I just finished The Book Thief, and highly recommend it.

What did I accomplish this week? Uh...I managed to not go insane while being cooped in the house with two kids during insanely cold weather? Also, I baked some cookies:)

No, do not decorate for V-day.

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