Friday, January 7, 2011

blah blah blog

You guys.
I really want to be blogging.
I have 13 drafts waiting to turn into real live posts in my folder.
I was on somewhat of a roll before Christmas and now I'm... not.

I've made a couple of realizations regarding my blogging habits.

a) my best blogging time is in first thing in the morning.
As in, that's when I write the best, the easiest, and am the most motivated. Which is why I did a little bit better over the break. I didn't have kids to get ready for school, I didn't have anywhere to have to be, I could take an hour in the morning and have my computer time.
Now that school's back in session, mornings are an early shuffle of slight chaos and by the time I sit down at 8 (or 10 or noon on the mornings I have to take Sawyer to school and run errands) my blogging mojo is gone.

and b) most of what I have halfway blogged about, sitting waiting in a que, are posts full of pictures. Well, I should say empty of pictures, waiting for pictures to be added.
I still don't have either photoshop (and my blog storage is getting weighed down with all the full size images) or an easy way to upload my pictures from my camera with my little Netbook I'm on every day. I need my desktop --which is still packed and buried from the move-- or Ryan's work laptop --which is with him all day every day. Again- over the break he was home a lot so I had more access to pictures. Now that he's back at work regularly, the only time I can do any picture editing or adding is in the evenings and by the time evening rolls around and we get the kids to bed... I just don't want to be on the computer. Half the time I have a headache or else I'd just rather hang out with my husband, you know? Watch some tv, paint a room, watch a movie, play some games, fold some laundry. Oh wait, that last one shouldn't be on the list.

This week back at school/work was a little rough. After almost three weeks off, we didn't all do so well jumping back into our routines. I'm hoping next week is better.
And I'm hoping once we get into the real swing of things around here, now that life should be a little less crazy, I should be able to get back into a regular blogging routine as well.
Either that or I start setting my alarm for 5am just to blog. Yeah, right.
Now if someone would just dig out my desktop...


Nicole said...

This is the reason I'm up till 1am half the time... no time during the day to do it! :) Working 8:30-3:30... pick up kids... make dinner... hang out with family... get kids in bed... clean up house.... computer!! Let's invent a way to cram in about 5 more hours into the day! :)

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