Sunday, December 19, 2010

light bright night

We wrapped up the kitchen work this evening just in time for a little Christmas time fun time. We made the kids get baths and pajamas early (like immediately following an already very early dinner) and then when they were just getting ready to enter full on it's too early for bed complaining mode, we said hurry get your coats and shoes and get out to the car.

We piled in and headed over to this neighborhood where one guy has erected a twinkling winter wonderland in his yard
(yes, this is his front yard!)

and several houses around him have joined in the fun over the years.

It was a great treat to see and to walk thru and even Santa was there for the kids to say hello to and offer up their short wish lists.

We've made it sort of a tradition the last several years to find local choreographed christmas light displays, so from the Sunnyside neighborhood we headed over to see this house and sat watching the show of lights set to music for awhile before moving on to this one as well.

And then whad'ya know, we ended up right down the street from Krispy Kreme so we of course stopped in and got some donuts and yummy hot chocolate.

It was a fun little outing... it can't be Christmas until you do a Christmas light drive!

And snowmen donuts don't hurt either.


Nicole said...

WOW! That front yard is amazing!! We still have to do a Christmas Light drive... I am thinking this year of just doing the Fair Grounds. When I was younger we drove around Jackson and there were always a ton of houses with really nice displays of lights, but not so much anymore. Dearborn/Detroit area has a lot... might have to go on Xmas Eve this year!

Annie Schilperoort Photography said...

We looked at lights last night - we do it every year too and it always makes me think of my mom because it was one of her favorite traditions. :)

Katie said...

Heather....will you please post some pics. of your house, the inside!! Did I miss a post, cause I haven't seen any & I've been wondering all about it....

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