Tuesday, December 28, 2010

The Hardest Thing

Due to Heather's headache you will get to read the musing of a guest author: Ryan

What is the hardest thing about moving to a different city or different state or even a different region? I would think that most people would say that it is making new friends or finding their way around, but I have a list that is compiled over the past three interstate moves. See if you agree.
  • Finding new doctors and dentists
    Why do these people that I just met want to see my private parts?
  • Finding a new church
    You only get one shot a week a this...don't mess it up!
  • Finding an automobile mechanic you can trust
    Where is David Puddy when you need him?
  • Figuring out what the new "state specific" traffic rules are
    In OR: people just drive slow and they can't drive in the snow
    In MI: people just drive fast and they can't drive in the rain
    In MO: a yellow light means at least 4 more cars may proceed thru the intersection
    In TN: when turning right, make sure you slow down to ~3 mph so that you slow up the whole road, and they can't drive in the rain or the snow
  • Figuring out the grocery stores layouts
    Why aren't all the dairy sections near the beer sections? (aka: keep the necessities close together)
  • Figuring out what is recyclable
    In OR: everything is recyclable
    In MI: your soft drinks cans and bottles are worth more here than anywhere, but everything else is only recyclable if you are willing to drive it somewhere
    In MO: everything is recyclable, but it is more fun to just throw it away
    In TN: what is recycling?
  • Figuring out how people are going to pronounce "Or-y-gun"
    It isn't that hard people!

    And maybe the hardest one of all:
  • Finding a new favorite Chinese restaurant
    Because your General Tso's Chicken isn't better than my last place's General Tso's Chicken


Nicole said...

So nice to see a post from you Ryan! You should blog more often :) I hope Heather is feeling better soon!!

anne said...

ha- we've lived in our house for 6 years and we JUST found a good Chinese place!

jenny said...

i have lived in the same state my whole life ... so this list was kind of amusing! thanks for the post and i hope heather feels better soon!

Sheri said...

Since we know live in your most recent "moved away from" place... What is our favorite Chinese restaurant. We've tried a few, have a front-runner, but no definative winner.

Anonymous said...

I have got your auto mechanic. He is off of Trousdale and Harding, Ben Little. Honest and inexpensive.
Amie R.

Debbie said...


Love your posts! They always make me laugh! Hope Heather got rid of her headache quickly. I don't always read the blog, so I may have missed some of your guest writings. I agree with the OR and MI drivers, but don't know about TN. You go get those who pronoune "Oregone" and teach them to say it correctly -- you are the man for the job! I don't understand either why it is so difficult to say it correctly! Hugs and kisses to the kids -- we will call this weekend!
Love, Mom/Grandma

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