Wednesday, November 17, 2010

one room

How in the world is it already Wednesday???
Seriously. Wasn't it just last Wednesday?
I feel like I have so. much. on my plate this week.
We've still been painting walls, still have no tile, and still expecting houseguests (rescheduled due to sickies last weekend).
I still have lots of trim to paint, errands to run, groceries to get, laundry to do, rooms to clean, plus Sawyer and I are going to have lunch with SJ today for a Thanksgiving Lunch at her school, he has a field trip tomorrow (which is not his normal preschool day) and yet another birthday party this weekend.

But meanwhile, here's one little room (finished hours before the birthday party two weeks ago) we have done to fulfull at least some sort of house picture quota for this week. With more to come.
When I catch a break and have time to sit and blog like I want.

So this is the tiny little half bath on our main floor.
(and sorry these are not the best quality pics... small bathroom in a dark hall and I took them with my point and shoot so I wouldn't have to deal with my camera to computer issues)

I cannot -CAN NOT- believe I didn't take before pictures of this bathroom. Seriously, it was the worst room in the house. Grungy and bare and drab and yucky and brassy and... just horrible.
It was painted the same as the rest of the whole entire house; a pale dingy yellow cream yuck color. With a small beveled oval mirror and a seriously outdated and wimpy brass light fixture way up high that matched perfectly with the huge thick brass faucet, as well as a flimsy towel ring and tp holder.
We have wonderfully tall ceilings on our first floor and this is such a small bathroom... basically tall and skinny, so all the teeny [except for the thick brassy glowing-in-your-face cheapo faucet] things in there along with the skimpy mirror and a skinny pedestal sink just looked all wrong. That room needs some substance. Ideally, I do want to put an actual vanity in here to replace the pedestal; for some substance in there as well as for a tiny bit of storage, (we have to squeeze storage in wherever we can get it!!) but for now just replacing the faucet had to do. So we did the faucet and the light and new towel bar and such and a new mirror with of course new paint -basically new everything except the actual sink and toilet- and a few touches of wall decor I had on hand and...

much better!

Breakdown (mostly for my own reference)
paint: $30 (Orange Canyon by Lowe's Valspar)
new frame for previously used in guestroom storypeople print: $15 Bed Bath and Beyond w/ coupon
tin tiles on wall: free from my stash (originally from Hobby Lobby I believe), two colors of spray paint I already had plus $3 for a third color
baskets: free from around the house (cream one to hold extra tp)(dark brown one full of cinnamon pinecones and tiny orange pumpkins)
new light fixture: $22 (Lowe's)
new mirror: $24 (Homegoods)
new fixtures: faucet was the big splurge to get bronze and tall... $88 (I think) at Lowe's
towel rack and tp holder part of a four piece set at Kmart that was missing a piece so I got it for 30% off... $18. plus I still have an extra robe hook I can use somewhere!
hand towels: Target clearance $1.24 each
rug: Target sale $20
stool: from our previous bathroom (originally from Ikea), painted dark brown

total: $220

Which is not bad honestly, considering the drastic difference in this room. And considering almost half of that total was the new faucet. And I love having a bathroom that's attractive, cozy and comfy as opposed to brassy, dingy and gross!


Nicole said...

Awesome! Darn you for not taking a before pic! :) I can't wait to see more of your house and to see it in person in Dec! I need to call you to discuss NYE.

Mom said...

It looks great Heather. XOXOXOX

Anonymous said...

love it! love that wall color.

Ryan said...

ummm....did we just spend $22 per sq ft on this bathroom?

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