Tuesday, September 7, 2010

we're still alive, i promise

Okay, here's the rundown of the last week...

Ryan supervised the packing, loading and farewell of all our belongings in STL and then closed on our old house last Thursday with a great family taking over our place. He said it was so great to meet them; they have two little girls and are nothing but excited about moving into our house. It feels good to know the perfect family came along and knowing they love the house and are so happy to be moving in helps in the leaving!

So Friday morning bright and early we had a final walk thru in the new house down here, got a few more repairs lined up and squared away and miraculously closed on the new house the same morning. It was kind of hairy there for awhile... the previous owner was a piece of work. Yikes.
But everything worked out, we got the keys and are new homeowners!!
We spent Friday still supervising some last minute repairs and brought the kids over after school and then went out to dinner to celebrate with Mr. Cohort and fam.
We spent one last night in the apartment and then spent Saturday cleaning that and moving all our stuff over to the house.

Sunday and Monday we officially celebrated the Labor Day weekend with plenty of manual labor... replacing locks, a garbage disposal, a kitchen faucet, a shower head, ceiling fans, blinds, painting four rooms (two with vaulted ceilings!!) and cleaning, cleaning, cleaning. Whew!

Today Ryan went to work and both kids were at school for most of the day so I was on my own trying to cram in a bunch of errands and get some more painting done and trying some final cleaning done before all of our stuff arrives tomorrow. We've been camping out this whole time, sleeping on air mattresses and hanging out in camping chairs and eating around the kitchen island with paper plates and plastic utensils... day five of that and I'm ready to have a bed and a couch and our dishes and just all the stuff we're used to living with.

I'm sure posting will still be sparse as we'll be overwhelmed with boxes and furniture dumped into our house tomorrow... and then on Thursday (yes, the next day!!) we will have not one and not even merely two but possibly seven houseguests. Are we completely nuts?
Yes, yes we are.
Ryan and a bunch of friends from out of town are going to Knoxville this weekend to see an Oregon game and some of them are coming in on Thursday before they all drive over there on Friday. Also Kasey and Evan are coming to keep me and the kids company all weekend while the boys are away.
So this coming weekend in a nutshell; we're finally getting our stuff delivered, having a house full of people, Ryan's leaving town, and Kasey is coming to help me unpack enjoy a great relaxing catch-up weekend we are long overdue.

Good Lord, I already need a nap!


Nicole said...

Ahhhh! Home... So glad you guys are HOME! :) I can't wait to see more pictures of the new house with YOUR stuff in it! Have a great weekend with Kasey... bummed I won't be joining you in the unpacking and chatting and blogging and child wrangling. Soon. Sooonn!

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