Thursday, July 8, 2010

2.5 bath

Okay, so I resolved this week to finally post pictures of all the house stuff we did around here now that we're (hopefully soon) leaving it.
Nevermind that it's already Thursday, it's still this week, right?

We've done some fairly big projects around here and because they were each and every one done in ridiculously poor timing involving vacations, houseguests, or oh say, trying to move, I have sadly, never posted pictures of any of them. Crazy.

So first off I'm going way back to the first bigger change we made, two years ago(!), with some slight updating to our master bathroom.


(gotta get a close up of the lovely light fixtures we got with this house!)

and After

after included painting the cabinets, adding hardware, replacing the light fixture and towel bars/robe hooks/tp holder, repairing and regrouting the shower and repainting a wall:

These cabinets were definitely one of those easyish things that make such. a. difference. One of the ones where you kick yourself for not doing it earlier.

We had those same fake oak honey colored cabinets in all three of our bathrooms.
Here's the kids' bath/main bath on the second floor:

the day we moved in

and the way we lived with it for 2.5 years
(yes, it was probably usually that messy too)

and after some white paint and new hardware

So much better!!

And the half bath on the main floor

after painting the cabinet (matching the kitchen cabinets), the stepstool and a new light fixture

If we were staying put I would have liked to eventually replace countertops, faucets, mirrors and floors. As it is, just the paint was a nice enough change in all three bathrooms!
I will never hesitate to paint a cabinet I don't like ever again!


Anonymous said...

love the pictures and how the paint updated the rooms/cabinets! i am totally feeling the same way. i just painted the honey-oak-colored cabinet in our half bath in the basement (i used dark brown) and changed out the hardware, and i cannot believe how much better it looks. changing countertops/faucets is not the budget right now, but i'm definitely going to be painting more of the cabinets!

Kim said...

ooh! you have inspired me to
do this, too. do you do anything to prep the cabinets or use a
certain kind of paint??

Nicole said...

It looks GREAT!! I can't believe how different the kids' bathroom looks. Amazing!

LeeAnn Howard said...

Great job on the bathrooms! I love the white cabinets in the kids bath too! I definitely need to take some before pics so I can look back on what we do in this house as well. :) And great choice on the brown paint. ;)

jenny said...

catching up on blog reading. LOVE what you did with the cabinets. i am really starting to hate the honey-oak thing we have going on and CRAVE doing something different. did you prime them first or anything? nice job!

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