Wednesday, May 12, 2010

is it naptime yet?

Two and a half hours of sleep all night does not do a body good.
Oddly enough though, I've been more productive and motivated today than I have been in awhile. Granted, it's only 10:40 am, so I have plenty of time for a burn out, but still.

I foolishly stayed up until about 12:30 last night. Combination of finishing up a Bible study, getting sucked into late night tv and just plain not being able to sleep. Then I woke at about 2:30am by a thunderclap so loud it shook my bed. Followed by my daughter joining me in my room, followed by two hours of pretty much constant lightning, brace yourself kind of thunder, some pretty wicked wind and some of the heaviest rain I've heard in awhile. Which was followed by finally tucking SJ back in to her own bed about 4:30 when it seemed the storm was over, followed by continuing to be jolted out of sleep just as I would drift off over and over again by just the perfectly timed rumble of thunder not giving up for the rest of the night morning... and then my alarm went off at 6:30.

Fun times.

But today I've already fed three kids, got two dressed and off to school, done two loads of laundry, returned to one school for an "Olympic Day" gymnastics show (which means two walks with the stroller down to the preschool... and yet another on the docket to pick Sawyer up in another hour!), put Caleb down for a nap (finally, poor kid!), went out to pick up miscellaneous storm distributions from our yard (a stray basketball, a grill cover, and it was recycling pick-up this morning which means all the bins were out last night... which means contents of all the bins is all over our neighborhood) and cleaned up the kitchen. Whew.
And I'm actually thinking about (gasp) doing a workout video while Caleb sleeps this last forty minutes before I have to pick up Sawyer. HaHa, thinking about it and actually doing it are very different things, so we shall see.


Mom said...

I do not miss storms like that in the least!!Hope your day today is even better than yesterday!!XOXOXOXO

Anonymous said...

what a busy morning. So did you get to workout? Sarah P.

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