Friday, April 30, 2010

ah, friday

It's shaping up to be a dark and stormy Friday here, but it's Friday nonetheless.
How about some random questions to kick it off?
Tell me...

Do you say splinter or sliver?
Do you say trash or garbage?
Do you make your bed every day?
Did you have to growing up?
What was the best thing that you ate this week (yummywise, not healthwise)?

Aaaand, Go!


heather said...

I say sliver and garbage and don't automatically make my bed every day (it wasn't a habit we formed as kids) although I do nine times out of ten these days with a house on the market.
The yummiest thing I ate this week was probably a mint oreo blizzard. Love those. Although I had a fabulous salad at a friends house this week with spinach and oranges and strawberries and craisins and a great dressing... that might be in the running too!

jenny said...

don't make my bed each morning, but i have to later in the day or it drives me nuts. i didn't have to growing up (from what i can rememeber).
the best thing i have ate this week has either had to be milk chocolate chips (just right out of the bag) or jalepeno cheetos. weird. i know. :)

K.M.L said...

Nope, don't make bed everyday
Didn't have to as a kid either (at least I don't think so...)
Best thing I ate was salt and vinegar chips :)

Happy Friday!

thetourist said...

Either one-depends on my mood(trash more often)
No, can't make it look nice (need to find the right look for my room still)
Never had to growing up.
Club sandwich from Big Town Hero

Lindsie said...

6 days of the week
Yes, I had to growing up
Homemade peanut butter cookie ice cream sandwich!

Misti said...

I don't really "make" the bed, I just smooth the sheets & blanket.
Yes, we made our beds growing up. I think I'm still rebelling. LOL
Hmmm, chocolate milkshake from Chick-fil-a. Delish!

LeeAnn Howard said...

I actually say splinter when its dealing with wood, and sliver when its metal. weird.
I say trash when I'm in the house, but then its garbage when its outside. weird again.
Im not good about making my bed, only did it for the showings really, or when we wanted the house nice and tidy for a random day. I also like to make my bed before I fold the laundry on it. So it seems like a 'clean slate' underneath and I wont lose any socks or underwear in the sheets if it wasn't made.
Best thing I had this week, were probably these chocolate chip cookies that I made. They are named Damn Good Chocolate Chip cookies, for a reason! :)
Have a good weekend Heather!!

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