Saturday, February 6, 2010


I got a ton done yesterday thanks to my fabulous friend Sarah, as she kept me childless for almost the whole day. She took Sawyer as soon as Savannah was off to school and kept him not only for the morning, but for the afternoon as well even though her own four-year-old went to preschool after lunch! She dropped Sawyer off back here just as Savannah was getting off the bus.
(We've been minus Caleb all week -and next!!- as he's got a grandma in town loving on him at home!)

I got so much done all by my lonesome yesterday!
I ran a couple of errands sans little people to get in and out of carseats and then I got home and got to work on house stuff. Mostly cleaning, purging and organizing our bedrooms. Both the kids closets were gone through, condensed and organized and then I hit our master bedroom and bathroom. Which was a day's project in itself. It's been the absolute catch-all for everything around here for what seems like the last six months. I'm not even joking. You could not even see a square inch of the floor of my walk-in closet. It was atrocious.

Here's what I removed from my bedroom and bathroom:
three water glasses
four Target bags full of garbage
three bags of storage stuff to go in the basement
a big box of craft supplies
a bag of school supplies I stocked up on when they were marked down after the fall
two dozen books and notebooks of the kids' to be put away from our vacation in August
a laundry basket full of outgrown kids clothes to be sorted and put in basement bins
three garbage bags full of clothes and shoes from my closet
a baby walker and a half dozen toys


And oh it feels good to have four beautifully clean bedrooms (closets and all), two spotless bathrooms (even if they're both still under construction with painting and regrouting) and perfectly organized linen closets.
We're finishing up the bathroom work today and spot painting and patching here and there and then the whole upstairs should be good to go!

Our new carpet in the family room will be installed next week and besides painting the front door and entryway, the main floor is looking good too.

Next we just have to attack the basement and the garage. I just need to pack up some things and condense some boxes down in the basement and give it a quick cleaning. The garage will be quite a project though... in the winter months that place really gets out of control! It's so cold out there that everything just congregates by the back door; we don't really put things away, we just toss it out there and leave it to take care of later! It's been crazy cold this year so we really haven't done anything but run out to get stuff as fast as we can and then shove stuff back out the door for the past three months! We'll have to wade in and get that stuff to where it belongs on shelves and such. If we don't get lost that is!

As much as I love having snow days to take advantage of the winter months, I'm really hoping for a break in these chilly temperatures we've had here all winter... a few warm sunny days would be greatly appreciated as we need to get some painting and some work done outside so we can get this house on the market!


Nicole said...

I think the hidden agenda for walk-in closets is to hide clutter in the rest of the room. I swore I'd be more organized once I had my closet organizer in my walk-in but like you, I usually can never see the floor. Sounds like you got a lot done! YAY

Mom said...

Yeah,it sounds like you were VERY productive!! Do you have a goal date for putting the house on the market?? It's hard to believe Ryan is going to be working in Nashville so soon!So what's the latest with the vehicles???Is the FourRunner cooperating??? XOXOXOXOXOOXOX

jenny said...

don't you just love when you get SO much done? our bedroom is the catch-all for EVERYTHING and i do not have any walk-in closets to hide anything in. :( so it's a disaster. and on top of it, we have to split our room in half for two boys rooms and then move into tucker's room which is OVERFLOWING with toys and things. yey.

so happy you made progress ... and i am jealous of it as well. i need clean sweep to come visit! :)

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