Wednesday, February 10, 2010

i do realize this is an embarrassing amount of exclamation points

Egads, can someone please tell me how it got to be the 10th day of February already?!
Seriously, didn't the New Year just begin?!?

On the agenda for today:
  • kids back in school! yay!!
  • disperse all family room furniture to other rooms of the house for new carpet to be installed tomorrow! yay!!
  • finally completely and totally finish both bathrooms... for real this time!
  • kitchen and laundry rooms cleaned (meaning dishes and laundry DONE) in anticipation of being full of family room furniture for the next 24 hrs!
  • babysitting the Swinny girls tonight (at their house since we have no family room!)
why am I so excited about all of this (!)?

And hooray for the sun being out today!
It's a habit now, I can't stop!

What are you excited about today?


Mom said...

Chicken dinner delivered by my hubby!! Not excited that the rain returned,but the forecast for next week looks good!

jessica said...

I feel I am lacking your enthusiasm. I have run a few errands, and exercised for many days in a row now. I can be excited about that! Anyway, we are headed to church tonight, which I always love. And we dug out the Valentine's decorations. All good.

LeeAnn Howard said...

Im lacking the enthusiasm too. We just got about 10 inches of snow last night. Every single room is a mess, and Im back to work my 3 nights tomorrow night. Which means, its probably gonna stay a mess till Sunday night. ugh.... That might have to do with the amount of sewing that I have indulged myself into. That makes me happy. :P

K.M.L said...

How does the new carpet look? :)
I was excited yesterday because it was Wed. and Evan started to feel better!

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