Monday, December 28, 2009

sawyer's debut

Better late than never, here are pics from Sawyer's first preschool Christmas program...

Notice my son ended up right in front of a microphone.

This is where Sawyer tells his teacher (or the whole audience because he's right in front of the microphone), "I will sing it really super loud!"

And this is where he loud-whispers to me (or the whole audience because he's right in front of the microphone), "Mom, can you take a picture of Sam?!" thumb pointing emphatically to the friend on the right.

Scratch that-
stage pictures turned out blah. Here's just the video instead...
(if you want to see Sawyer's one-liners, just watch the first three minutes. Grandmas and anyone else hard up for entertainment can watch the whole six minute performance)

Sawyer's Christmas Program from heather morrison on Vimeo.

Here's Caleb watching the show (irritated with me for trying to get his attention) and then flailing clapping for Sawyer

The afterparty:

Sawyer and his buddy Sam

Sawyer's artistic shot of Sam (or maybe the oreo crumbs on his mouth?)(he's obsessed now that I have a little camera and wants to take pictures all the time)

And Sawyer and his teacher, Mrs. Fetsch :)


Mom said...

I guess Sawyer was the star of the show!Pretty cute.I'm sure glad you were filming!XOXOXOXO

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