Thursday, December 3, 2009


I'm cheating.
I really didn't get much of anything done yesterday... a baby that didn't want to sleep, paired with my lack of motivation were not a good combination.

Still I told myself I would not pull out the Christmas decorations today until I got things completely mostly unpacked and organized around here.

But. We got three Christmas cards in the mail yesterday.
And I'm trying to get things organized and put away around here, right?
So of course I have to at least break into the Christmas boxes to get out our Christmas card holder... that's my favorite part of this season!

And of course I had a hard time not pulling out more than just that one thing... :)

What...?! I'm just hanging out with this cute little baybee... there's no Christmas decorating going on around here today... despite the large green and red things you see taking over my living room...

We're getting quite the collection of Christmas books and I love it!

I was looking through the basket, refreshing my memory on the stories we have and adding our new ones so far this year, when this little piece of paper slipped out;

Back story-- one of the big 'Santa presents' for Savannah last year didn't make it in time and so she got a "handwritten" note from Santa last year on Christmas morning explaining that those silly elves didn't pack it on the sleigh and that Mrs. Claus would send it out to the mailman.
That letter was one of the highlights of her gifts!

I knew she thought that a personal note from Santa was pretty special, but I didn't realize just how much. And to want her brother to feel that special too...

*In case it's hard to read above, this note I found today -from last Christmas- says
Please Santa,
Please let Sawyer
have a note too.
Love, Morrisons


Mary said...

That note is priceless!

Anonymous said...

Good thinking to leave a note, Santa :) How sweet is Savannah! Maybe Sawyer will get one this year?


beanski said...


LeeAnn Howard said...

I think you've posted pictures of your Christmas card holder before, but I can't seem to find it. Could you link me to a pic of it again, and tell me where you got it from? :) Thanks!

jenny said...

i'm trying to figure out how i should display our cards this year. i would love to see your holder! that note is PRICELESS. bring on christmas!

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