Tuesday, December 1, 2009

hello december

I am so ready for this new month!
I am so ready to say goodbye to the ruthless months that October and November have been, with their rain and gloom and insanely busy schedules and ups and downs of good and bad news.

I'm so ready for celebrating Christmas and all the wonderful preparation for that...
so ready to pick a Christmas tree,
so ready to string lights,
so ready to bring out all the decorations,
so ready to make Christmas cards,
so ready to find the perfect gifts,
so ready to bake Christmas cookies,
ready for Christmas stories and Christmas music.
I'm ready for a little snow (fingers crossed),
ready for Christmas break, ready for the holiday cheer,
ready for the peace and refocus this season brings to my heart.

I'm heading home today and I'm ready to jump into December!


jenny said...

i'm ready for december too. however, i wish my 'to do' list would just stay in november where it belongs so i don't have to worry about anything on it. :)

bring on the holidays!

Mom said...

Happy December! Hope your trip home was a pleasant one. Miss you guys already! XOXOX

Ryan said...

and your birthday!

Kim said...

I love December. This year is Jake's first Christmas. YAY!!

Hot Deals said...

great season to enjoy your christmas

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