Saturday, November 7, 2009

saturday social

I was going to compile a list of new blogs I've found lately, but as most of them are either about foster care or adoption, I wasn't sure how relevant and interesting that would be for everyone who comes by here. So here are a few more all around interesting things to check out tonight instead...

Found this on facebook... and it is really cool!
Check it out and see if your city (or a city you'll be visiting) is part of their offers.

And are these not the cutest things?...

My Family from

My Stick Family from

Make your own family or countdown or ticker or lots more fun at

Also love this idea:
Secret Notebooks

and these points about slowing down:
Improve Your Marriage and Life by Eating Slower

and I've become addicted to not only this blog, but their $50 Fridays. Whole outfit ideas for under $50?! Love it!!


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