Thursday, November 19, 2009

random thoughts for thursday

10) There is little in this world better than spending a day reconnecting with a dear, dear friend.

9) I have been officially (self)diagnosed with Baby Fever. And it's a very good thing that I can not naturally, biologically, do anything about it.

8) You know Portland traffic is bad when your four-year-old comments on the fact that there are "too many cars on the road" and "too many red lights around here".

7) No sales tax is NICE.

6) I like driving around with only one kid in the car.

5) Making a commitment and effort to not only write every day for NaBloPoMo/BaToBloMo, but also making a personal commitment to comment more on more of the blogs I read are two not very good commitments to make at the same time. Too many NaBloPoMo'ers to keep up with right now! Too many blogs, too little time!

4) The only only only silver lining in the gray cloud of slight chance that we may have to move again, is thinking about house hunting. I love house hunting. Love It. Love seeing different places, imagining what kind of home it's been, whether or not it might work for us, who I see living there, seeing all the potential, picturing the possible transformation into our own. I just love the hunt. That's not saying that I want to do it... in fact, if I could just hunt houses without having to move...
That's why I've secretly always wanted to be a realtor. Or a flip houses as a hobby...

3) I may have already mentioned this, but if anyone wants to pawn off a little baby, I'm ready and willing to take it off your hands for a bit. Although I'm not sure whether that would medicate me or perpetuate the advancement of The Fever.

2) May have already mentioned this too, but old friends are the best. :)

1) So is having family all over town clamoring to take your kid off your hands.
Solo shopping here I come!


Anonymous said...

I am SO excited that you are getting some much needed rest, more quiet in the car and solo shopping. Reconnecting with friends is the best although I'm pretty much in love with hanging out with you, my new friend.

We are looking forward to seeing your little girl today at piano lessons. Have a great weekend! Sarah P.

Katie said...

You're aware that #9 and #6 conflict, right? =)

Anonymous said...

Although Tatum is officially 1, she may pass as a little baby and she is yours anytime you want her!!! And for that matter my other two have been acting like babies... does that count?


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