Saturday, November 21, 2009

not so social saturday

I have an ache in my head
and my eyes just want to be closed
and I cannot get warm
and I miss my bed
and my husband
and my little girl
and I hope I'm not getting sick.

So I'm really not in the blogging mood today.

Tomorrow we'll see more old friends
and lay low with the family
and get some Christmas gift projects done
and maybe I can give myself a manicure
and hopefully the sun will come out
and I'll be caught up on sleep
and in a better mood
and then it'll be one day closer
to hugging my husband
and my little girl
and being with our families
together as a family.

[Miss you guys. It's just not quite as fun here without you...]


K.M.L said...

Ryan and Savannah will be there soon!!!! Get some projects done and enjoy yourself!! Miss ya!

Ryan said...

We are barely surviving here without you guys. We will be there soon!

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