Sunday, September 27, 2009

don't call it a comeback...

I have GOT to get my act together and remember how to blog!
It seems I've given up blogging on a regular basis.
Not that I want to, it's just- when will life slow down?

Seriously... when will I get back to posting more than once -maybe twice- a week?
I miss it. I really, really miss it.

I think what it boils down to right now is that I always feel a bit guilty about wanting to blog about the normal, everyday, superfluous things when I'm so backlogged on the big fun newsy posts I owe. It always seems that when I have a dozen posts overdue, half-written and sitting on the back burner, missing from the archive of reality... that's when I constantly am coming up with new random posts in my head I want to write up; funny things the kids say, comical (or irritating) situations I run across (lots of those lately), big topic items (H1N1 vaccine- are you or aren't you?) and the ordinary every day stuff. I'm full of it lately.
And then somehow I convince myself I need to pause those stories or probings and get caught up on blogging the big stuff first.

Which is dumb because this blog is about documenting our life.

So here's our life lately:

Sawyer told me I was a genius. I can't for the life of me remember what it was we were talking about now, but I do remember he told me, "Mom! You're a genius!" Hehe.
Boy do I have him fooled!

Savannah is loving being a first grader. It scares me how old she seems lately.
But. With all of our house guests and the new full days of school the past month and a half, Savannah's been in meltdown mode the last couple of weeks by the time each Thursday and Friday evening rolls around. Is it horrible to say that I secretly partly love those rough days?... I like that she still needs to cry, she still needs to be comforted and consoled, and yes, still needs to throw some irrational fits like a toddler. It reminds me that she's not as grown up as she so often seems. My baby still needs me.

Sawyer's officially a bike-rider these days... he had it down pat by the end of the summer. No training wheels for this kid!
(now, Savannah's a different story...)

I have been shopping up a storm. A few things here and there for the kids starting school (mostly shoes), but really surprising and new around here, I've been doing a lot of shopping for me. I'm trying to slowly replace my wardrobe... hopefully smaller, but also just different. I'm so sick of my style -or lack of style really- and I'm trying to subtly change it up a bit. I haven't really truly shopped for myself, like gone out specifically looking for me, in so long it's taking some getting used to. I may actually enjoy it one of these days. Don't know if that's a good goal to be working towards or not!

In the past three days Sawyer has 1-knocked his head above his eye on a table at school, leaving a nice bruise... 2-ran ~literally ran~ straight into the corner of the counter on our kitchen island and got a nice goose egg on his hairline in the middle of his forehead... and 3-was playing catch with the big boys in the neighborhood and took a baseball in the mouth resulting in a nice fat lip. I'm hoping he's taking a breather from the injuries here for awhile.

Already have plans every weekend until Christmas. Yes, life is insane.

I do have most of my backlogged posts written up, it's just a matter of going thru so many photos, resizing and plugging them in the posts before I'm ready to publish them.
Slowly but surely.


Nicole said...

HEATHER! You're alive! I was just thinking of you today and wondering if you'd taken up blogging somewhere else :) I need to start back with my "micro blogging".... keep it simple, jot down what I want and who cares if it makes sense!

Can't wait to read all your backlogged posts.

Heather S. said...

Glad we ended up free on Friday. It was great just hanging out with you guys!! We totally need to do that more often - when life slows down for all of us!! Ha!

Mom said...

Good to know you ARE still alive & kicking.(and a genius)You are loved & missed... as is your blog when you can't get to it.Looking forward to pictures and everything else you have to share. XOXOX

jessica said...

Heather, it is good to hear the everyday goings-ons over there. We think of you guys often, and I do miss reading your posts. I am at an all-time low myself. Anyway, I just love knowing what you are up to.

jenny said...

looking forward to all those posts ... yet to be published. :) i hear you, blogging doesn't seem like it takes time, but dude, it does. time is something i'm lacking these days. sounds like you guys are staying busy!

Anonymous said...

Good to hear from you!

I will second the "Thursdays=meltdown" stage. Whew! It's rough. I'm going to try and change my perspective on this to be more like yours because right now, I'm just annoyed. But that is DEFINITELY the day that the kind of crashes down for our first grader, too!

Anonymous said...

hi, clearly i had two thoughts going at the same time on that last sentence. i'm not even going to try to figure out what each of them was, but i think you get the gist. sheesh.

Kim said...

I gave up on blogging for a long time and now I am trying to get back into it. I've lost sooo many readers. Sad.

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