Friday, August 28, 2009

ode to the birthday boy

How do I Love Thee the bestest husband, bestest friend, bestest guy for me in the whole world?
Let me count the ways...

He likes Scrabble.
He always drives when we're together.
He blends up a perfect milkshake (even though he hates ice cream).
He makes cute kids.
He's easily and naturally athletic (which luckily he passed on to (at least one of) said kids).
He brushes the kids' teeth, really well (I'm lazy about it).
He grills a perfect steak and mixes up lovely beverages :)
He does the dishes.
He does speed crosswords against with me.
He doesn't complain about how messy the house is or how not done dinner is.
He loves to tell the story of how we met.
He has squinty eyes when he's really happy.
He's way smart.
He gives the kids baths.
He likes all my favorite tv shows.
He's a loyal friend.
He's honest.
He puts up with me and my oddities.
He loves our kids.
He loves me.
He likes to hang out with us.
He puts family first.
He can fix almost anything.
He holds my hand when we're out.
He's a good driver.
He (used to at least) thinks I'm logical.
He's responsible.
He always makes sure the cars have gas (I haven't put gas in a car since early 2006).
He likes to cook breakfast (or Brinner).
He loves camping.
He makes me laugh.
He's a "professional" painter (which I take full advantage of).
He doesn't correct my grammar (too much).
He sits on the front porch with me on nice summer nights.
He's not a baseball fan.
He goes to work early and comes home early to spend more time with the kids.
He really enjoys his work (and he's really good at it).
He encourages me.
He's social.
He makes me feel like I'm his favorite.
He's my favorite.

Oops! I forgot to actually count the ways. Oh well. I suppose the list couldn't really be contained here anyway.

Happy Birthday to the love of my life.

I'm glad you were born,

I'm glad I met you,

I'm glad I married you,

I'm glad our kids have you,

and I'm glad I get to spend the rest of your birthdays with you!


Mom said...

Ryan looks pretty darn happy. You guys must have made it a fun day for him. Pass on our birthday wishes please...HAPPY BIRTHDAY RYAN!

Mom said...

Well I wanted to add that I wish we were there,but I am quite sure you are glad we are NOT!I think your list is pretty accurate.(you should know)I have tasted his great milkshakes & I know he does a LOT of dishes.Cuz you hate to do them. Sorry he is not a(big) baseball fan. We love him anyway.I am especially glad he makes you laugh!!! As for the cute kids he made;I think you had SOMETHING to do with that.And I thank you both.Love & Miss you all. XOXOXOXXO

Debbie R. said...

We are certainly glad he was born, too! We think he is a really great guy and father as well! He looks like he had a great birthday celebration, but we plan to celebrate with him again since we haven't been able to be with him on his birthday (or close to it) for a few years! Happy Birthday, Ry......We love you! Can't wait to see you and the entire family in just a few days!
Love, Mom

Ryan said...

Thanks for the generous review! I love you and the kids lots and I hope that it shows. Thanks for a great birthday weekend. Love ya!

Tracy said...

That was sooo sweet!! I love the picture of the two of you together and the first one of him and the can really feel the love in those pictures. Looks like he had a Happy Birthday!

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