Friday, July 10, 2009

week end

Okay, what is the deal here?
It's been hot and sunny all week and I've been checking the weather forecast to be sure the sun was staying put as I've been putting off taking the kids to the pool in lieu of working on the kitchen and getting stuff organized around here. We had (have?) a swim/lunch date planned with friends this morning, so that was supposed to be my make-up for keeping my kids in the house all week. Friday was slotted for a whole day at the pool and friends to join us to boot!

And now this morning? It's dark and gray and looks like it's going to pour any minute.
I am not happy.

We made a last minute trip to Lowe's last night. Ryan made the executive decision to buy a new stove. We weren't going to... we're doing all this work with the new backsplash, refacing the cabinets, we have a newish dishwasher that matches the stainless "look" fridge... but we weren't going to do the stove too. It's original to the house (15yrs) and it's not pretty, but it still works. What we were going to do instead, so it didnt' stick out like a sore thumb, was paint it. You know the epoxy spray paint they have for appliances? We picked up some gray stainless steel cans and were going to transform the almond colored hood and the almond parts of the old black and almond stove so it "went" with our new kitchen. All good in theory.
But then I started the project.

Spray paint and I apparently don't get along.

I asked Ryan to try and rescue the project. I still think it was perfectly saveable.
And even if it wasn't, it was only the hood that I painted, so all we needed to do was replace that and Ryan could either do the stove himself, or we just live with the almond color for now.

But he came home from work last night saying scrap it all, let's go pick out a new stove. Ack!
So we did.

(And I just know now that we spent $700 that we didn't "need" to, something else is going to break down around here that we'll have to fix/replace like the water heater or something more pertinent. It's like I'm waiting for the shoe to drop...)(Although it feels surprisingly "grown up" and oddly accomplished to have all the appliances in my kitchen match)

So it's Friday.
And other than being skeptical of our pool plans working out today, I'm excited to get a start on the weekend with the high hopes of mostly finishing these projects. Hoping to have the whole kitchen done by Tuesday (when the stove arrives). I'll take some pictures in progress this weekend. (And of the bathroom project from LAST August, just for you Nicole!)

How about some Friday Questions for old time's sake:
Tell me what was the last movie you saw, what was the last book you read and what was the last game you played.

The last movie I saw was Gone Baby, Gone (which I liked pretty well)(we have Revolutionary Road here to watch next and I'm looking forward to that one).
The last book I read was Mr Noisy to Sawyer. Oh wait, should I try for something I read for myself?? That would be Julie and Julia by Julie Powell. (Meh)
And the last game I played was Idiot with my husband before bed two nights ago. We like to be idiots. :)

Your turn.


Nicole said...

Movie: The Proposal just the other day. Hilarious movie. I watched Revolutionary Road the other night from netflix and its... interesting. I can't wait to hear what you think of it.

Book: Multiple Blessings, read it the last week of school

Game: Nertz with Ry and the neighbors last weekend

Now... if I had had to answer these questions 2 months ago... there would be sad answers LOL!

Angie said...

Movie: We just rewatched "Wild Hogs" last night and I laughed as much the second time as I did the first. I love William H. Macy. I have also seen Revolutionary Road and am interested to hear what you think!

Book: Almost done with "The Strong Willed Child" by Dr. James Dobson.

Game: I played Wii last night with Jack.

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