Tuesday, July 21, 2009


Cuz we didn't have enough projects going on already...

Yes, we're nuts.
Before our kitchen is completely put back together, we tackled yet another project. The exterior of our house was in dire need of attention. It needed a good power washing and our front shutters were incredibly faded and discolored, along with the trim on the house needing a retouching. We'd talked about doing it all last summer and never got around to it. Now this summer, we'd acquired a power washer and paint early on and had yet to get the job done. The weather this past weekend was a beautiful relief from July weather in St Louis, with temps in the low 70's (!!) and no humidity. I didn't care that our kitchen was still in shambles... we needed to get out and do outdoor projects and take advantage of that weather! So down came the shutters and out came the paint can.
We only got the front of the house done; Ryan was in charge of washing and I of painting. We rehung the fresh shutters and the front of the house is sparkling.

The other three sides of the house and all the white trim will have to wait for another good weekend. At least our curbside appeal is boosted a tad.

I also snagged some new (so comfy) chairs for our front porch with a new little table on clearance. I repainted the wrought iron chair and table set that had been on the front porch (that I bought for $5 at a garage sale last summer and originally painted white) and made up a cozy corner on the back deck.
(Hmm.... I know I have pictures of these... can't seem to find them. I'll add them when I do.)


Nicole said...

augh... we need to paint our shutters really bad too. But we have like... 40 shutters on our house. UGH. What kind of paint did you use?

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