Sunday, July 5, 2009


As part of my effort this summer (and an effort to form a new permanent habit) to be a "Yes" Mom, we had ourselves quite the lemonade stand out front of our house pretty much most of the day.

Savannah has been asking for awhile (all summer?) if she could have a lemonade stand and I finally agreed and we made plans for doing it up big Friday morning. We baked and frosted cookies (easy cake mix cookies) to sell along with the lemonade. Savannah worked hard on the signs, decided on charging 25¢ each, and was super excited for her day of "work".

Turns out, after all the prep and set up, when the neighbor girls all showed up to first grace my kids with their business but then to just hang out in our yard all day, Savannah lost interest quick and was mostly found playing in the backyard or running around with her friends.

So Sawyer took over.
He was a loyal Lemonade Stander. (He asked me at one point, "Am I doing a good job Lemonade Standing Mom?" ha!)

He was calling for people, advertising business, running over and offering a cold cup to the neighbor mowing her lawn, and hitting up everyone who walked, rode or drove by. He was a little pushy a sneaky salesman though... he'd run up and greet someone and be all charming and before they knew it they were sipping out of the nice cold drink in their hand. Then he'd hit 'em with, "Now you have to put money in the jar!"

We had lots of neighbors stop by on their way to or from the pool, people would drive by and stop, several friends from church came over to partake (I had mentioned our plan for the day) and the kids made a killing. $26.21 to be exact! Some customers were very generous... I think Savannah's modest pricing generated some generosity!! One man (complete stanger driving by in his truck) left a ten dollar bill in their jar! And wouldn't take change!! How cool is that? What a fun thing to do; just randomly encourage a silly little "entreprenuer" like that. To make some one's day like that. Makes me want to do that more often.
And apparently we had some competition; someone told us that there was another stand across the boulevard in the next neighborhood! I'm so glad kids still get out and do creative things like this!!

Anyway, it was a busy morning. Most of the neighborhood hung out at our house for most of the day. At one point we had something like 16 kids and 8 adults hanging out on the driveway. Fun stuff.

And I'll share this week what the kids decided to spend their money on...


Anonymous said...

i love it. we used to do this a lot in my neighborhood growing up. i try to make an effort to stop at them whenever i can, and always leave extra $!

Mom said...

Who could resist such cute hard working "standers"? Thanks for sharing!XOXOX

Steph said...

How fun!!! I absolutely love the idea! I've seen 2 lemonade stands in our neighborhood already this summer.

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