Tuesday, June 30, 2009


A snippet of the kind of day I'm having:

Decide to make angel food cupcakes for dessert tonight for our small group.

Mix up half the ingredients and realize I have no Cream of Tartar.
(how can I not have cream of tartar?!?)

Neighbors are not home, reeeeeally don't want to run to the store, so I spend a few minutes online trying to find a suitable substitution.
There isn't one. The whole point of cream of tartar in an angel food recipe is to keep the eggs, therefore the cake, nice and airy and fluffy. Considering I'm making this for guests, I decide I might as well do it right.

Find shorts for Sawyer (does that kid ever keep pants on?) and flip-flops for all three of us and pile into the car.

Realize as we're leaving our subdivision that I forgot my wallet.
Turn the car around.

Take two; get to the store (which really, is only a mile away, no big deal) and for some reason, in the baking aisle the floor is all slippery... like covered with flour or something, so the kids are skating around getting all wound up while I can't find the cream of tartar.
(can anyone else read the words 'cream of tartar' and NOT say it as an exaggerated TAR TAR in their head?)
Finally find it, also grab extra cupcake liners and rolls for dinner.

Self-check out. Sure self-checkout is fast, but waiting for the machine still takes an absurd amount of time to scan and pay for three measly things. And when it keeps telling me to put something in the bag that I already put in the bag and it won't go on until I put it in the bag?... Grrr. Meanwhile, the kids are still being crazy and "ice-skating" around everywhere, bumping into things.

Go to leave and find someone has parked so close to my car that I can't even get in my door.
Sawyer and I have to get in the other side and climb over.

Get home, send the kids up to naptime and resume baking.

Realize I forgot to set out the eggs before I left. (room temp eggs whip better)
Oh well, take eggs out of fridge and observe there are only five left. I need four for the angel food but I was also going to make banana bread while the oven was on- I have bananas on my counter that are really, really not even going to make it another day. My banana bread recipe takes two eggs. That doesn't really add up nicely for me.
Anyone want to run to the store for me?

Maybe someone's trying to tell me I shouldn't be baking today.

I feel like my whole day has been like that, just one thing after another, almost laughable 'are-you-joking-me?' type things. Only they're not so laughable when you're in the middle of the onslaught. This by the way, is just a taste, the tip of the iceburg, the most recent of the stories I could tell from the morning we've had.

And darn it, aside from venting on the ol' blog, I was looking forward to some soothing in the form of devouring about half a loaf of fresh out of the oven banana bread this afternoon...


anne said...

When kids get to be the ages that yours are you can just SEND THEM UP FOR NAPTIME?! And they GO TO SLEEP without you doing anything? Noooo?! Really?

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