Sunday, June 21, 2009

it's still father's day

So I meant to post all weekend...
We had a ton of stuff going on. And I do mean a ton. I actually feel like I haven't stopped running since Wednesday or so. Don't you love how your calendar always seems to get all jammed up at once so often?! Lot's going on.

However, I have a raging headache and I'm seriously heading to bed the second I hit publish on this post, and I was ready be there oh about an hour ago, so this is going to be short and sweet.

I really wanted to do a special somethin' kind of post for Father's Day. I had grandiose ideas of doing some cute little interviews with the kids about their daddy, or doing some heartfelt "why I'd never want to parent without you" ode to my husband, or at the very least fit in a little mini "photo shoot" of Ryan and the two chillin's. None of that happened. Nada.

We had a great day though. At least I hope Ryan did. It started off with Krispy Kreme for breakfast and Ryan hadn't been up for more than five minutes when the kids gave away his surprise gift. We got him a new bike. I don't think he was expecting any gifts because of the whole camping weekend last weekend, but last minute I just had to do it. He and I have been talking about getting them for each other for oh... about eight years! We took the training wheels off the kids' bikes this past week (Savannah's may be returning, but Sawyer has pretty much got it)(there should be pics and video to come later this week)(if we make it outside at all without melting this week- not so looking forward to the heat advisory for the next four days!) so I thought it's as good as time as any to bite the bullet and get at least one of us some wheels to ride around with the kids on. And hopefully one for me won't be far behind ;)
Anyway, he liked the bike, we skipped church and spent some time outside this morning (at 8:30am- and we were already drenched with sweat) trying out the new ride and with the kids practicing their new moves.

We eventually made our way to the theater after lunch and saw Up all together. Great movie.
Ryan was hoping to get a nap in today (that was probably actually his only real request) but it was kind of late for naps after the movie so we headed up to the pool instead to waste away the rest of the day. Perfect day at the pool... the water was awesome!

Now we are seriously going to bed early.

So Hi and Happy Father's Day to my dad; sounds like you had a fun day full of surprises of your own!

And to Ryan... I really can't say any more than I've said a million times before. Thanks for giving me the cutest kids in the world, thanks for being the best dad for them, thanks for all you do for our family and I hope you know how much we appreciate you every day.
I hope you're as happy being a father as we are having you in that role. Love you.


Daddy said...

I had a great day! Thanks for everything and for being a great family. The movie and pool time was great. We have some great swimmers, it is a lot of fun to see them grow and learn new things. Thanks again and love you all!

Mom said...


deals hunt said...

I had a great day! with my father on father's day. me and my father both went together in pub and watching movies and we both enjoy our self.

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