Monday, June 1, 2009

happy june

I cannot believe it's the first day of June already.
But man am I ready for summer. I just love this time of year!! Summer makes me so happy.Yesterday was absolutely the most perfect summer day you could have ordered up. Eighty degrees and blue sky and just enough breeze to make it just right.

Random thoughts on this June 1:
  • Well first of all, it seems June is here to kick off the real summer as it's supposed to bump up to 92° today (with that humidity jumping up right along with it) and only be in the 70's overnight. Yep, that sounds as if summer is really here.
  • Last day of school for Savannah!
  • Savannah's still sleeping this morning (at 7:45). I had to wake her up to get ready for school three out of four mornings last week. Looks like that will be a repeat this morning. How much you wanna bet tomorrow and the rest of the summer she'll be up by 7 on her own...
  • Something about my new laptop doesn't agree with my fingers. You'd think after six weeks I'd have gotten used to whatever the difference is, but I make so many typos on this laptop it's crazy! I need to slow down or something. Letters are always coming out in the wrong order if they're not skipped altogether, the first two letters of words are always CApitalized instead of just the first, it's just frustrating.
  • I have a few (or a couple hundred) pictures to go thru and edit today. We spent Saturday in Columbia holding a brand new baby and I took a lot of pictures for Mike and Kasey. I think I may have snapped a keeper or two. :)
  • I found a sweet card my husband left for me this morning. Yesterday was our wedding anniversary, but today is the anniversary of the day we met eight years ago. Which is kind of an important day. :)
  • I'm behind on my book distribution. (Oh My, I just realized looking back for that link that it's been since JANUARY. Wow.) I have a backlog of at least four books to pass on. I should probably get those posts written up before I read another book!
  • Heather and I are taking turns watching our combined kiddos this summer and I'm looking forward to it! One day each week I'll keep the kids for a few hours so Heather can get out or make appointments or just have some time to herself and then we'll switcheroo and the kids will all be pawned off on her for a little free time for me. My kids love the idea of having a "Lucy and Norah Day" and us moms like the idea of a mini version of a Mom's Day Out. We're starting this week.
  • Today starts my new resolve to make a real difference in this stuff over here. What better motivator than swimsuits summer?? June 1, fresh slate.


Tracy said...

is it REALLY june 1st?! wow! i didn't see that coming...thanks for filling me in :)

Steph said...

I totally didn't realize it was already June 1st!
Happy Anniversary to you and Ryan :)

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