Wednesday, June 3, 2009

check out the newest laughlin boy

We made up a few little t-shirts to grace Evan with when we visited last weekend.
I thought the Greenville boys would appreciate this one on the littlest Laughlin...

[Kasey, I apologize it's taking me so long to get through all the shots I took with you guys. I've been having trouble with my network as well as my internet connection so it's been slow going. I'm tempted to just send you all the pics I took as is, but I really want to get some prettied up for you. I promise I'll have at least a good amount of them done by this weekend, so bear with me!]


Mom said...

Pretty darn clever & super cute!!!

Steph said...

Look at that hair!!! He's such a cutie!!

K.M.L said...

Love the outfits! Thank you for taking SO many great pictures!!!!

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