Monday, March 2, 2009


We're working in spurts today.

I had a hard time getting out of bed this morning and we struggled to get Savannah ready and off to school on time.

But after she was off, Sawyer and I (emphasis on I) emptied the dishwasher, cleaned up the kitchen, cleaned up and cleaned out and organized the pantry and played some letter games with a box of Alpha-bits dumped out all over the island counter.

Then Sawyer turned on the tv and got sucked in and I stopped for a minute on the laptop and got sucked in and we spent probably an hour just vegging and dinking around on the couch.

We finally went upstairs and got dressed and we cleaned up Sawyer's room and he helped me sort all the laundry and he single-handedly matched the mammoth basket of clean socks that has just been piling up in my bedroom for the last couple of weeks. We vacuumed upstairs and put everyone's laundry away.

Then we came downstairs and I sat down to make a meal plan a grocery list for this week. Sawyer sat down with a pad of paper as well next to me, but then I started looking up recipes online and we just ended up dinking around on the couch with the laptop and the tv on again for way too long.

We snapped out of it to make some lunch and get Savannah off the school bus, I cleaned out the laundry room and we all went through some school piles and papers.

But then I sent the kids up for naptime and got on the computer to draft a couple of email while waiting for the kids to get settled and somehow ended up in an online scrabble game. Three of them to be precise. Not sure how I ended up sitting here playing game after game but I did. And eating way too many girl scout cookies.
What a productive way to spend a Monday afternoon, no??

I'm waiting for my next bout of motivation to kick in, although there's a good chance the Thin Mints buried it for the day.


Mom said...

Did you have any spurts today? We've been getting up an hour earlier this week. SO far it is not helping to motivate me to get anymore accomplished.Just making me more tired. I have been resisting buying girl scout cookies though,I know I would indulge in WAY too many.XOXOX Mom

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