Wednesday, March 11, 2009


Sawyer on his way to the bathroom this morning:
I have to go poopy and pee pee.
Okay, thanks for letting me know dude.
Poopy comes out of ours back-bottoms (pointing to illustrate) and pee pee comes out of ours front-bottom (grabbing himself).
Yep, you got it.
Let me show you.
I already know buddy, you really don't need to show me... how about you hurry up into the bathroom and do your job?
I want to show you... (pulling his pants down) here's where the pee pee comes from (pointing), and the poopy comes out here at my back-bottom from my big crack...
(interrupting him as he's spreading his little cheeks)
Thanks for the review bud, now get that naked bottom out of the kitchen and into the bathroom, please.
We all have cracks?
The crack is so we don't see the poopy bottom?
Why is it built that way?
How did we get built that way? -
God built us that way... he made up what our bodies look like and so they work just like they need to.
Oh yeah, I forgot. Silly God! Him's a good builder. Him makes me a good bottom! And a good big crack so I can do BIG poopies!


Anonymous said...

Oh.MyGosh. That is HILarious!!! My kid shouting "penis" in the middle of Target was nothing compared to this funny one!

Heather S. said...

Hahahahaha! Your little man CRACKS me up!!!

AshleyB said...

HAHAHA!!! oh man, that is great. definitely one for the books to embarrass him with later in life, lol.

Christina said...

It is funny what little boys are thankful for. Such a cute story. Thanks for sharing.

Katie said...

Bahaha... gotta love boys, the things that come out of there mouths!?

Amanda said...

Love it!!! I've had a very similar conversation with Mallory, but ours involved EXACTLY where a baby comes out. Yikes!

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