Tuesday, February 17, 2009

t.g.i. tuesday

Oh Lordy, did we have a long day yesterday.
Note to self: take note of everyone's mood and attitude prior to attempting a morning of running errands with both kids.
An obnoxious five-year-old, a feisty three-year-old and a mom trying to be focused and on a mission, were not a good combination for us yesterday morning. I had three places on my agenda to hit before meeting Ryan for lunch. I gave up after the first one.
It was that kind of day.
The kind of day where you are THAT mom with THOSE kids in the store. The kind of day where I felt like the morning pressed new lines in my face from all the scowling I did and that I probably pressed new lines into my daughter's hand from holding it throughout the store... not so nicely. The kind of day where at one point in the car I yelled so loudly at my kids that my throat was left burning. The kind of day that you feel obligated to tender your resignation for this job called Mom. Reason for resignation: Equal parts lack of qualification and also how can I be expected to work with these people!

Luckily we had a really nice lunch with Ryan. The kids were very good (and they should have been after the guilt trip lecture talk I gave them all the way over to pick up their dad!) and ate their whole lunch with pleasant conversation like perfect angels.

Other, more pleasant thoughts to dwell on...
Here are a few pictures of the kids I snapped last night during a break in our revamp-of-the-playroom project. Savannah situated the bare lightbulb lamp just so behind them and they used the freshly painted blackboard wall to put on a shadow puppet show for me:Excuse the lousy quality pics, but we were having a great time and I know these will always make me grin!

Anyway, our day yesterday must have seemed a week long because all day today I keep thinking it's Thursday or Friday already. But alas, it's only Tuesday. A much better Tuesday than our Monday, but still only Tuesday...
Anyone else need a weekend already??


Anonymous said...

well, i know your morning didn't go well, but the part about the lines in your face and lines on savannah's hand made me laugh, because i've SO been there.

and i'm heading to the grocery store in a while with all three boys.

Ryan said...

they sure fooled me during lunch! they both ate well and listened relatively well and even did a good time in the car to lunch and back to drop me off at work. so at least we know that they "are" capable of it!

LeeAnn Howard said...

Hey Heather, got a few questions as to how the blackboard wall works. Haven't seen anything like this before. Is there special paint you use for that? Are they able to chalk it up and erase just like a normal blackboard? Did you do it on all the walls?

K.M.L said...

Yes! I want a weekend!!! :) Love the chalkboard paint... It is the greatest thing for little ones! :)

Nicole said...

Oooh I hate days like that. UGH. And doesn't it seem like weekends keep going by faster and faster?

The chalkboard looks great. You'll have to let me know how you like it after a few weeks (with all the chalk dust). Our doctors office has two really cute chalkboards painted on the wall and trimmed out to look like they're framed and they have a trim ledge for the chalk. I wanted to do something like that in the basement or playroom but decided not to because there is always so much chalk dust all over the floor and walls at the doctors office. Porter loves writing on it though. You'll have to update in a few weeks. Are you guys revamping anything else in the playroom? I want to see pics! And hey... you never posted pics of your bathroom.

Ashmash said...

The blackboard is awesome!! It looks great. I hope the kids have fun with it.
We had the idea of painting a bottom portion of T's bedroom wall in our old house with chalkboard paint (I think we still have the paint somewhere) but never got around to it before we moved out. Unfortunately we can't paint in our current house as it's a rental. I can't wait to do this someday!

Mom said...

What fun. Kids love chalkboards.Savannah will never run out of writing room.It's not magnetic is it? I was thinking about all the dust mess too,but then I realized they make a dustless chalk.That will make it much more fun for YOU!!!!XOXOXOXOXO Mom/Gramma G

Christy said...

They both look so tall in those pictures!!

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