Friday, February 27, 2009

crazy driver

I've been wondering lately if my driving habits are odd.
Does anyone else do this?...
  • When I'm looking for a place or address I take off my sunglasses and turn off the music when I get in the vicinity. Like that helps me concentrate on finding the place I'm looking for or something?...
  • When I'm pulling up at a red light and I'm the only one there or the first in line, I always move over to the left hand lane in case people behind me want to turn right at the red light. I always think there's no reason I need to be in the right lane if I'm wanting to go straight, and someone behind me might be waiting to turn right, so I always make sure I'm in the left lane so they can make the right on red. And I know it's dumb, but consequently when I'm running late and I'm sitting there at a red light wanting to make a right hand turn but the person in front of me is sitting there in my way waiting to go straight thru... and there's no one next to him in the other lane where he could have just as easily been sitting waiting to go through the light... I'm always irritated.
  • When I have my kids with me, I always park in any open spot next to any cart return corral thingie at the store. That way I can throw my stuff and my kids in the car and return the cart without having to walk halfway across the parking lot. When I'm by myself, I never park anywhere near them... in my mind, leaving them open for other parents. In reality I know other people without kids are just as likely to take that spot, but still. I can't make myself take them when I don't need them.
  • When I drive with cruise control on, I still have my foot hovering over the gas pedal. I just can't get myself to relax and put it on the floor. It's like I want that split second more time to react if I suddenly need to hit the brake or the gas for any reason. I don't even realize I do it until I'm done driving and my front calf muscle's all tight from holding my foot like that. I took a road trip down the west coast once with a girlfriend and she would drive my (stick shift) car with cruise control on and one leg tucked up under her half indian-style all the time. Freaked me out, every time!
  • If windows are rolled down, I like the one on the opposite side to be rolled down the same amount. I know, this is weird! It's something about the flow of the air that bugs me. It drives me nuts when one of my kids wants their window down and the other one doesn't. I have issues.


kimca01 said...

OMG, are you my driving twin? I am the SAME way. TO add to that, I prefer a drive through spot as I'd rather not back out in a busy parking lot if I have the choice. I also don't like parking with someone on either side, I like space around me!

Heather S. said...

LOL! My windows also HAVE to be rolled down the same amount! Drives me crazy otherwise!!

AshleyB said...

OK, we are the same on all counts!!! Too weird. Is it a mommy thing? Except I don't take my sunglasses off when I'm getting near my destination, because they are prescription sunglasses. haha

Michelle Harrison (Toronto, Canada) said...

Hey Heather

Pretty much the same as you....except I never park beside a cart corral as I've seen too many cars get nailed by runaway carts! In a parking lot, I always make surr that I park up hill (if it's not level) for the same reason!

ALISON said...

I remember that trip to Frisco man that was so great!!! Haha on the leg thing, doesn't everyone only use one foot to drive? My leftie is always just chillen on the floor anyway

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