Monday, January 26, 2009

we have snow, bullets and a winner

  • We finally got some around here. The snow, that is. It snowed a bit yesterday before we woke up and then we had nice off and on snow showers all day. We're supposed to get a good amount tonight too (up to 7 inches) and hopefully it won't be mixed with the sleet and freezing rain they're predicting and we can just have a nice snow play kind of day tomorrow without closures and traffic problems.

  • We went to the library yesterday and besides our usual book quota, I picked up some exercise videos, the kids got another beloved Charlie Brown and I also snagged Little House on the Prairie which I'm going to make Savannah watch with me!

  • I have updates I'm supposed to be writing on a few things... namely Sawyer's appointment last week and the other cryptic news I hinted at. Both are easy answers for you... no concerns, no new news. It was all an even bust of negatives. But I have a lot of thoughts rolling around in my head regarding both of these and have still been wanting to write about them. I just haven't had the energy time. Maybe I'll get to those this week. Maybe not.

  • I guess we're still recooping from being sick last week... for the past four nights Ryan and I have been in bed at insanely early hours. Like before 9 o'clock and um, on Friday? It was immediately after the kids at 7:30!! Well, we watched a movie before going to sleep, but still- it was over by 9. Crazy!

  • Just five entries in the book giveaway this time. So since I had Sawyer sitting right here next to me, I thought I'd be quick and simple and random and I asked him to pick a number... one, two, three, four or five... What number do you pick? He picked... "Five! No, wait- two! No, I like three! Three! Three cuz I'm three!!" So I'm thinking I probably can't consider that very accurate or random. Heading over to afterall, it picked number 2 out of my 1-5. Which means, Yay Julie! You get the book!! Now if only you had a blog so I could link to you.... hint, hint! I'll try to remember the book the next time I see you.

  • Sawyer just let me know (five minutes later) that he "can't pick one, I just love all those numbers Mom..."


K.M.L said...

Sorry about your no news....that stinks. I am glad Sawyer's appointment went well though. Thank you again for coming to register with us Sat. It was great to see you all and hang out!

Mom said...

We got a dusting of snow Sun. AM too. But it didn't stay around long.Today cold but dry.Let us know if you get the big snowfall. I think I am ready for spring.XOXOXOX Mom

jenny said...

i'd trade you bitter cold for snow/slush/freezing rain? :) have a good week.

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