Wednesday, November 19, 2008


So is the point of NaBloPoMo to be posting every day or writing every day??
I've been feeling rather guilty in not writing anything of any consequence each day. I would really like to be writing more... rehashing more, recounting more, reflecting more.

But in reality it's been all I can do to type up my gratitude notes on some days. True, part of that reason has been that I've had houseguests for 11 out of the past 18 days with a couple of evenings of a house full until midnight thrown in there, but still.... you'd think I could take ten minutes to write down some thoughts each day.

I have just been so stinkin' tired lately. Not necessarily during the day... just in the evening, going into nighttime. I'm fine if I'm with people or keeping busy, but as soon as I have down time at night, I'm on the verge of just passing out.

Normally I am not one who falls asleep easily, quickly, ever. I rarely fall asleep during tv or movies and it takes me usually an average of a good half hour to fall asleep in my bed at night.

For the past few weeks though, I've been out cold the second my head touches the pillow. Literally. I believe I've beat my husband to sleep almost every night... and that is saying something! I can't keep my eyes open during tv in the evening and I can't make it through a movie. Last night Ryan and I were playing Buzz with my sister and I kept falling asleep in between questions. Yes, in between questions. Falling asleep. Seriously?!?
I'm beginning to think there's something wrong. I kept thinking it was because of my bout of early morning waking, but lately I think I've been back to normal in that aspect. I've been actually falling back to sleep more often after Ryan leaves for work. This morning in fact, I woke when Ryan left early to take Becky to the airport at 5 this morning, but fell back to sleep and didn't wake until 7:20, when I heard the kids arguing downstairs. Who knows how long they'd been up...

This is just so unlike me. Either I'm suddenly adopting my husband's love for all things sleep and finally (finally!!) learning how to fall asleep anytime and anywhere and sleeping past sunrise... or something is physically wrong with me. It's just strange. Like I said, it's not like I feel fatigued, or even tired, during the day. It's just the second I sit still or close my eyes even for a moment in the evenings, I'm a goner.

I guess I just have to be sure I'm getting my blogging time in in the mornings!
Not that this content is any better...

I'm off to enjoy this beautiful fall day. I have to get my laundry started and then Sawyer and I are headed out to attack our yard full of leaves. It's a gorgeous sunny (and warmer!!) day and I think later this afternoon I'm going to take the kids out somewhere and attempt (this will be attempt #3) a little photo session because I still need something for Christmas cards this year. I'm getting down to the wire on that one!

Also, because we've not only been low on the writing posts here, but the photos as well, I'll throw a couple in for good measure:

Sawyer's taken to donning a headband of his own each morning when I do Savannah's hair for school. He wears it for most of the morning. Unfortunately this has started to translate into "needing his hair done" when we go to the store or to school or the best; when I announce we're going to go out to take pictures. It turns into an ugly battle. So I arranged a little photo opp this morning for him to hopefully get it out of his system. Headband pictures at home, non headband pictures at the nice scenic park today, okay buddy??!


kimca01 said...

HA! He looks like a boy Savannah! So funny. Boys are just too weird.

Anonymous said...

I think the point of NaBloPoMo is to POST every day. Who cares about meaningful content- ha!

Anonymous said...

I was tired like that once. It was so embarrassing because I would be at my desk at work and fill my head nod. I kept making trips back and forth to the bathroom just to try and keep myself awake my moving. I had decided that I was dying of some mysterious cancer or something, but then I found out I was just pregnant. lol Boy was I wrong!

jenny said...

this time of year just makes me tired - i think it has to do with the fact it is DARK when i get home. i hope nothing is wrong (but really, what could ever be wrong with more sleep - haha).

Patty said...

That happened to me too. I just couldn't make it through a movie. Turns out it was all Emily's fault. Taken a test lately?

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