Monday, November 24, 2008


Savannah's up in her room stomping around, huffing around, complaining loudly about how much she hates cleaning up. I'm making her clean her room. Which in reality simply entails a few books on the floor and the laundry pile she never put away from last Wednesday. No big deal. Except to a certain overly dramatic five-year-old... you know I always make her clean up everything all by herself. I got tired of hearing her complaining and told her I was closing her bedroom door; that she could do what she liked, whether it be mope around feeling grumpy by herself or actually take 5 minutes and clean up the clothes, but the door was to stay closed until it was clean. I may not see her again until morning.

She did come out to deliver a note to me. It said "I wish my family was not mean to me everey day!". I know it was supposed to make me feel sorry for her, but it only made me smile because she had added it as an entry to her Wish Journal. She got this journal last year from her grandma and the front has a fairy princes and the words "Wish List". Savannah has pre-headed each page in the book to read "I wish..." and writes in it pretty regularly.

After reading the amusing sad entry from this evening I went ahead and thumbed through the earlier entries. I thought I'd record them here for posterity. (I asked her permission.)(And started from the beginning and these are direct quotes, spelling and all, and I didn't ask for explanations. Yet.)

*I wish I could go with my cousin to the Zoo. Taegen!
*I wish I could go and be at the Zoo
*I wish I could go to the moon
*I wish I could go up to God but I am a kid
*I wish I could wish for Sawyer and he would be 4
*I wish I could go to cran with mommy (?!?)
*I wish I could stay at Norah's house for ever
*I wish I could have a wigglly tooth
*I wish I could be a grow-up now
*I wish I had one of my grandmas live with me
*I wish for my friend Rebeka to be three just like Sawyer
*I wish that Ramona's being a pest for ever
*I wish I could go to hevin and play with Jesus so I can see God and I could maybe see mom and dad too
*I wish I can have a Ramona doll becuz I have a Ramona book. So I want one.
*I wish I was 6 not 5. When I was 4 I did not want too be 4
*I wish I could go to the moon in a moon ship
*I wish that I had my family was me
*I wish that I was soooo silly like Christopher
*I wish even school days were Sunday and Saturday
*I wish I could go to Aunt Becky's house
*I wish I could go to Aunt Trisha's house too
and finally
*I wish my family was not mean to me every day


Nicole said...

Oh that is the best ever! Love it! She writes so well.... her teachers are going to be haaaapppy to have her in class! :) LOL! I love her little wishes... so cute!

Anonymous said...

That is too cute. Does Savannah still have her blog?

Heather S. said...

She cracks me up! My girls were also not happy about cleaning up the basement today. Lucy complained the most though, saying, "Why I always do all the work?"

Glad Savannah likes being at our house!!

Christina said...

Those wishes are so precious. Thank you for sharing, it is fun to see what a five year old it thinking about. Too cute. Emilio's thing lately is saying, "Fine, I will never play with you again for the rest of my life," or "I'm not good at writing M's, so I'm not going to write my name for the rest of my life." Everything ends in the "the rest of my life." They are so funny.

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