Monday, November 10, 2008


Just a rundown of miscellany going on around here lately:

-We got a ton of Christmas shopping done over the weekend; all great bargains and I'm quite proud of us! Almost done! Now I just need to get started on my homemade gift projects...

-Sawyer has his second night of soccer this evening and is so excited about it. I took the video camera last week. I'm going to try to get some more recorded tonight and then maybe I'll put a snip on here.

-I am so tempted to get Christmas decorations out already. Savannah's not helping; she asks twice every day if we can pull them out yet.
Instead I picked up some new fall/Thanksgiving stuff on clearance. Michael's had all their fall stuff, not just Halloween, but Thanksgiving and anything fallish, 75%off. That included tons of home decor and candles of anything close to autumnal colors and smells. I got some great soy candles that smell like cinnamon ginger and some cool metal rustic turkey figure thingies to put them in... all for $1 and $2 apiece! And this suede covered display bowl that looks awesome on my dining room table for less than $5!

-There was an explosion of sorts in our kitchen last night... the kids were finishing up dinner and I had turned on the stove for the hot chocolate to be ready to start our movie directly after dinner. Unfortunately I turned on the wrong burner on high and heated the ceramic hotplate (that I've loved and had sitting on my stove for the past six years) instead. Ryan had moved it out from under the teapot earlier when he made hot cider and set the plate on a front burner. I didn't realize I was heating the hot plate until it suddenly blew up a couple of minutes later. Luckily I had just moved away to get the milk out of the fridge, because half of the shattered red-hot plate was right where I had been standing at the counter island. I think I'm lucky to have only one burned fingertip.

-Savannah's napping again today. I'd say except for the time while my mom was here, Savannah's been napping almost everyother day for the last few weeks. It's been nice. Thank you kindergarten!


Amy said...

I'm having Thanksgiving at my house this year and found a TON of stuff at Michael's too! It was great! Christmas decor is always the day after Thanksgiving for us - no exceptions!

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