Tuesday, November 11, 2008


I find myself saying 'super' all the time now. I think I have Little Einsteins to thank. I technically should say thanks to Sawyer, who got it from Little Einsteins, because as great as I think that show is, it's not on my list of shows to watch in my leisure time and therefore pick up habits from.

Sawyer loves it though. And the Little Einsteins like to make Rocket go "SUPER FAST!!!". So now Sawyer does everything SUPER FAST! (So thank you, Little Einsteins, for a great little trick to squelch three year old dawdling!)
And lots of other things spill into the SUPER realm around here. Sawyer asks me all the time, "Was that Super Fast, mom?!" "That was Super Tricky, wasn't it mom?!" "Watch me kick this Super High... I have a Super Good Plan... I did a Super Job... That was Super Fun!"

So now of course I say it. I find myself putting Super in front of almost anything I'm trying to emphasize or describe really in any way. I was actually going to read through my posts lately and count the Supers, but I think I'd be a little embarrassed. Yes, I talk like a three-year-old.

I don't really think of it as a childish word, but I feel like others do. Like, can't you think of a better word to describe something? Because it seems like such a simple word. And it is a simple word, but it's a good one. And if you listen to the way my son uses it, you know it's not a simple meaning... that simple word is packed with a lot of feeling and passion. So that's how I hear it in my head, and that's how I use it. Things are super fun, super soft, super cute, super yummy, super easy, super busy, super hot, super cold, super exciting, super, super, super! (that's kind of a weird word when you just look at it over and over and over!)

Anyway. Just thinking outloud.
And hoping you don't think I'm silly for thinking everything's super.

Have a super day!


Mary said...

Oh I feel your pain for Little Einsteins! I have one little boy that is completely obsessed with the LIs right now! It's all he asks for!

Zoe said...

ugg. it could be worse...it could be yo gabba gabba....that's like a bad acid trip!

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