Sunday, November 9, 2008

sunday in the fall

I sent the kids and Ryan off to church without me this morning and just cleaned up the house and then soaked in a huge forever-long bubble bath.
Calm One Calm All was definitely calming.

I baked some muffins to warm up (and smell up) the kitchen earlier and now the kids are outside helping Ryan rake leaves. They got a huge pile going and were loving diving in. The colors are awesome. The kids are all bundled up in their snow coats and hats and gloves because while it's mostly sunny, brrr... it's cold out there. I'm glad the warmer sun and temperatures will be back this week. I'm in here smelling hot cider on the stove and getting ready to put soup and grilled cheese on for the rest of my family when they come in from the cold.

We have Home Alone on tap for our family movie night this evening. I'm thinking it'll go nicely with hot chocolate and marshmallows.

I wish we had another day of the weekend to just remain all bundled up and cozy enjoying this finally real start to the fall season.


Mom said...

Sounds like a nice Sunday.We had an early B-day party for your dad.I made the "Orange" Chicken. It was a huge hit!XOXOXOXO

Anonymous said...

ahh, that sounds LOVELY.

Anonymous said...

What a perfect day!!! I wish I had stayed home with my family this weekend. :(

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