Monday, November 3, 2008

the rest of the hockey birthday

Okay, so add another photo-soaked mommy blogger post to the last few... Sorry, but I didn't ask for my baby's birthday to come 2 days after a big to-do national holiday. Ugh. I feel like we just had the busiest weekend in the history of the world. And I bet being overloaded with candy and birthday cake doesn't help the matter either!!

The Cake:

I totally copied this idea from Jessica who did the exact same cake for her son last spring. Hers turned out much better, but here's my lame attempt. I was originally going to make a fondant covered puck in the goal and then I found these official pucks I could order online personalized however I wanted, so I went with that! Sawyer thought it was pretty cool!

The Party:

We just had a low key family party this year with Gramma here. The Swinigans did come over later to help us eat cake!
Notice the goal in the background; that was his big gift from us. And my favorite gift; two real jr hockey sticks I picked up at the Goodwill for $1 apiece!
Also, these Hockey Ducks I found and fell in love with:

The Games:

These pics outside are blurry because it was starting to get pretty dark outside (by 5 o'clock!!), but I still love them because I don't know if you can see it when you click on these but Sawyer has about the happiest little boy face I've ever seen in almost all of these. He was having the time of his life playing out there with his very own "real size" goal and sticks! And he's always just played with pucks in the garage or on the driveway... I was completely impressed with his talent at playing with roller hockey balls in the street!

The Birthday Boy:
(in his new birthday dress shirt and self-made birthday hat)

Happy Happy Birthday
Sawyer Isaac.
We absolutely love seeing you so happy I hope you know how happy you make us every single day!


K.M.L said...

Glad he had such a great birthday!!! :)

Emilie said...

It looks like he had an awesome birthday! I love the cake! I bet you worked hard on that, it looks great!!!

jessica said...

Happy birthday to Sawyer! What a fun time it looks (and sounds) like you all had. We miss you guys!

jenny said...

that cake rocks! what a fun birthday! those little hockey ducks are the cutest.

happy birthday sawyer!

LeeAnn Howard said...

Aww he looks so big! And thats awesome that he is loving Hockey! Lukas loves sports too.

Happy Birthday Sawyer!

jessica said...

holy cats yours is WAY better than mine! and not doing the puck was SMART ;) glad it turned out so well for you. i haven't been up on my blog reading lately. whoops!

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