Thursday, November 6, 2008

i'm tired

I guess it's Thursday, isn't it? Well here are my thoughts.

I think I'm going to just check out of the blog reading world for awhile.
I'm really really really tired of reading post after post about politics and what people think is right and fair and moral and religion vs state and all that. Really tired.

I don't want to hear any more about what you think the path of our country will be now that the presidential decision has been made. It's done, and only time will tell whether your vote was for the "right" or the "wrong" candidate regardless of whether they ended up in the White House or not.

I don't want to hear any more takes on who it's okay to marry and who it's not and why. We've all heard both sides and your rant about it one way or the other really doesn't make any difference. We've all heard it. We all know it.

I really don't like reading blogs like that.

Our country is certainly not changing overnight and it's going to take a lot of good and bad steps both forward and backward to get our nation back on the right road of recovery, both economically as well as this tricky path of religion meets government meets ethics meets real lives.

There are no right answers that fit everyone. There just aren't. There are no simple solutions.
And when we think we have the right answer for everyone, that we have the right solutions for this day and age and the people and issues we live amongst... we are being just as foolish and ignorant as we accuse the people we're "fighting against" of being.

Plus, I really just don't like reading blogs like that.

Regardless of what each of us believe in, I think it's ridiculous to snap a picture of yourself flipping "them" off with your wedding ring. What exactly does that say?

Regardless of who each of us supported in this election, I think it's immature and disappointing to make a game out of seeing who can come up with the most "creative" (disrespectful and twisted) uses for the campaign paraphanalia of the losing candidate. I mean really; aren't we more adult than that?

I'm just tired of it all. I had hoped that once the ugliness of the campaign was over and we got through election day in one piece, once that was behind us, our country could move forward, and we could go back to good bloggy reads like our kids who chopped their own bangs off and the pile of leaves they jumped in and the funny thing that happened to you at the mall and the 813 attempts at Christmas pictures and just NO MORE POLITICS!

I understand all of this is part of history. That these are very big parts of National history as well as being things each of us might stand for, passions, causes that might be important to us. I understand if you feel it's a big enough part of your life that you have to write about it. But when I see it on every stinkin' blog I turn to... even if it's saying the same exact words I would have typed myself... it makes me loathe the whole "argument" whatever it is, the whole issue, the fact that it's always in my face. I don't read political blogs for a reason. I read blogs for enjoyment, not for getting politically riled up or watching people feed off of each other in that realm.

It just all ends up making me sad.

So I'm thinking I may steer clear of a few of these heavy blogs for awhile. Or maybe I should just ask them to send out a notice when their posts are on a political diet.
I get frustrated when I like a blogger and their usual blogging and then unfortunately get turned off by a few too many righteous political posts.
And please note that righteousness is rampant on both sides of all the issues. It has nothing to do with "sides" here.

What are your thoughts on the plethera of political posts on good old fashioned "mommy blogs" as of late?


Anonymous said...

Heather- I think you should check out my blog today and answer my totally brainless and meaningless questions:) I've had enough of the political talk too. (Like your daily gratitude notes, by the way.)

Nicole said...

I agree! I agree! Its one thing to document this election, this moment in history, but another to keep bashing and bashing and bashing to no end. What is done is done, and everyone needs to just deal with it, have faith in our new president and continue praying that we have all made the right choice. Regardless of choice or presidential preference or morals or beliefs or sexual orientation... Obama is our president and bashing him (or bashing the losing candidate) isn't doing anyone any good. Granted, I understand that a persons blog is a persons blog, and its their place to write/vent etc (I know I sometimes write/vent more than my readers care to read), so its their perogative to write what they please. I'd just stay away from those blogs for awhile. It is getting a bit annoying to read everyone's bashing opinions... if they could do it in an eloquent way (and I've seen/read it done), that's one thing. But to go on and on... (HAHA like I am right now? HAHA!)

People need to go into an election prepared to support WHOEVER wins... I know I was and I'd have been supportive regardless if it had been McCain or Obama. They both want to do whats right for our country and we need to be American and back them up.

Nicole said...

Oh dear God I just posted political talk on your "I hate political talk" post HAHA! sorry bout that.

jenny said...

i learned from personal experience to keep my opinions on politics to myself for the most part. i noted that i voted in this election, but that's basically it. what more was there to say really? everyone else already has! haha! :)

i'm all about good ol' mommy blogging content these days. i also think your daily gratitude notes are great. it really is those little things that matter the most.

Kristi said...

I agree for the most part, I hate political blogs too, but I think its okay to post that you are proud.
There are a few blogs I stopped reading because of politics too, I cannot stand righteous people!!!

K.M.L said...

I agree....I don't like all the negative talk about the election. We should just be proud to be an American and that we have the right to vote! :)

Anonymous said...

i'm kind of surprised to read this... i don't agree...

i just don't understand when people say they "don't want to hear about" what someone chooses to write about on their own blog. i really don't care for those particular posts you mentioned either, it's just not my thing, BUT... it's also not my place to say what they choose to post. if i don't like something i'm reading, i just stop reading... sometimes it's hard for me to do because i feel like i know these people (well, some of them i DO know) and feel emotionally invested in their lives, so skipping posts makes me feel like i'm missing something... but i just take a breath, mark as read, click on another feed, and move on.

and i totally know what you mean by feeling like you need a break from the blog world. i feel like that from time to time too, but ironically enough it's more often the mommy blogging content that makes me feel that way (i.e., lengthy posts about "perfect" children, and being righteous about things other than politics! :).

love your blog as always, but i have to (respectfully, i hope?!) disagree with you here. on the bright side, this really was a good TFT. :)

Zoe said...

lol. i'm still struggling with the whole idea of having to take a family xmas pic for our card *shudder*

Michelle Leigh said...

Well, I think I agree and disagree (does that make sense)??? I think whatever someone wants to post is fine, if I don't like it, I won't read it. I also think that it's a big deal in our country right now and I think it's ok to express yourself and while I am sooooo tired of listening to people bitch and whine about the decision that was made, to each their own. I'm tired of disagreeing with people and am ready to finally see some progress. Anyway, none of that really makes sense I'm sure.

kimca01 said...

Hey, then just read my blog - no US politics there LOL

Anonymous said...

AMEN Sister!!!
Really someone was that vulgar to place a picture of themselves flipping someone off. That's bizarre. Get over it people.

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