Saturday, November 8, 2008

hot date..... not date

I'm only sneaking in a minute to write before my hot date tonight.
My husband asked me out this week. Er- IN I should say.
We were thinking about getting a babysitter and going out with some friends, but decided it wasn't the best time cash-wise. After we told our friends we were taking a raincheck, Ryan emailed me this week to specifically ask me "in" for a night this weekend. So we made a date.
And for some reason I'm almost stupidly excited about it. I guess because it's not often he asks me out (or in) for a date out of the blue. It took me by surprise... a very pleasant surprise!

So the kids are in bed and we're headed for a night of no tv, no computers; just us and yummy grilled steaks. Maybe we'll play a game, maybe we'll watch a movie later, maybe we'll just talk or even simply enjoy the quiet without little kids interrupting. All I know is I'm looking forward to a night to hang out and focus on just us. It's been awhile. We

Turned out our evening was not the enjoyable date night I was looking forward to.

At least the steak was good.

If anyone needs me I'll be eating ice cream (real ice and cream ice cream, not "ice cream" unfortunately) and watching Saturday Night Live. By myself.


Nicole said...

Ouch.... ditched on date night?

Hopefully you found some interesting blogs to read while you were alone. :) Preferably non-politics??

K.M.L said...

hmmm...what happened???

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