Saturday, November 1, 2008

goldie and the bear

So the kids' costumes were a hit around here... they had a blast and they were adorable -if I may say so myself!!

Introducing Goldilocks....

Her hair actually turned out decently. It was better when it got darker out because it sparkled more when the light hit it and it really looked bright and golden!

And Baby Bear (aka the only two choices Sawyer would let you call him- Little Bear or Big Boy Bear)....

I'm glad I went with my gut and went the cuddly baby bear route. I think this is the last chance I'll have to get Sawyer to dress up cute and cuddly. And he got so many of those cute and cuddly comments. :) I just wanted to snuggle him every time I looked at him!

The funny thing is, is that no one got the "Goldilocks and Baby Bear" thing. Everyone had a hard time figuring out who Savannah was supposed to be-- a few people guessed Little Bo Peep (and one person even thought Sawyer was a sheep tagging along), and then almost every one else asked her if she was Dorothy. Dorothy??! With a pink dress and curly gold hair???
And even after Savannah told them she was Goldilocks, they then turned to Sawyer standing next to her (with his porridge bowl) and said, Oh and aren't you just the cutest little Teddy Bear!

We decided this morning that we should have glued a broken chair to Savannah's butt!!

Somebody's been eating my porridge and it's all gone!

Anyway, they had a ball. Here was their first "practice" trick-or-treating at our own house with their gramma at the door after I finally! got done taking pictures.

And here's the gang of kids that live just on our corner.

(Isn't that little Tiger Woods the greatest?! He's even got his little golf bag on his back. Which is where he kept his candy!!)

I swear this is the best Halloween neighborhood ever. EVERYONE is outside, everyone is visiting and mingling in the street, there are kids running everywhere and a couple of houses even hand out donuts and cider (my favorite!). One house has a whole buffet set up in their driveway each year with music, donuts, candy, cider, carmel apples, popcorn and even jello shots for the grown up trick or treaters!
You would not believe the loot my kids came back with. And this is only walking our immediate neighborhood; our street and the loop at the end. We filtered through both of the kids buckets last night to remove any peanut/peanut butter candy, and ended up with a pile that was more than ample for a singular trick-or-treat outing in itself! Crazy!!

And exhausting!
I just want to lay low today, get the kids some good naps and do nothing.
However, I have birthday presents to wrap, a cake to decorate and get ready for our big date with the birthday boy tonight. Ryan and I are taking Sawyer to his first ever hockey game and he is so excited! I'm just keeping my fingers crossed that it's a fun outing. I'm a bit nervous as the game doesn't even start until after his normal bedtime. I know he'll love it though.
Wish us luck! And especially me, as I'm attempting Fondant cake #2!!


Kristi said...

Cute costumes!!!

Nicole said...

Their costumes turned out great. I can't believe no one got the theme... but maybe because they were thinking "Goldilocks and the THREE Bears?" Or maybe people jsut don't think in "themes" or something. Regardless, they were adorable!

K.M.L said...

They look so cute!!! :) Have fun tonight at the game! I still can't believe tomorrow is his 3rd birthday!!! Wow! Great pics! :) Miss ya...

Katie said...

What, a Hockey Game!! I wish we lived closer, Donnie (and Don) would have loved to join that outing:) My prediction... he'll be even more obsessed!

Anonymous said...

completely adorable!

Debbie said...

Cute, Cute, Cute!

Savannah and Sawyer, you both looked absolutely adorable! We were with your cousins Taegen and Tasi on Friday night and they looked equally adorable as a Doctor and a Cow! HAPPY, HAPPY 3RD BIRTHDAY TO THE BIG BOY, SAWYER!!! Hope you have a very fun birthday party today! We love and miss you tons!!! Talk to you soon.
Love, Gramma & Grampa Sanders

jane said...

Very cute costumes and idea! I like the first pic with Ryan painting on Sawyer's nose in the backround :)

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