Sunday, November 2, 2008

blue birthday

We took Sawyer to a Blues hockey game Saturday night for his birthday (just Mom and Dad; Savannah and Gramma stayed at home). It was THE perfect lead in to his birthday celebration today as it's a whole hockey theme with the cake and the sticks and real hockey goal we got him for gifts. If we thought he liked hockey last year, we are in for it this year!

He had absolutely the best time at the game. We had awesome seats just seven rows from the ice and before the game during warm-ups Sawyer was glued to the glass watching them race around. That was not completely such a good thing as then during game play he wanted to be down there as well, but it was nice to be so close to the action.

Our seats were also on the edge next to where the ice boys and the Zambonis came out so Sawyer loved that.

Game start was past Sawyer's bedtime, so while pretty much the first two periods kept him enthralled, by the last period he was losing it. In a delirious crack up everything is hilarious and I can't hold still kind of way. We moved to some empty seats on an aisle so he could get up and dance and be a two-year-old three-year-old without bugging the people surrounding us.

We bought him a hat in the store and of course trying to get a good picture of him in it at 10 o'clock at night... isn't really going to happen.
Here's pretty much the only face he would make if I convinced him to look at the camera:

Here are a couple of other goofy shots towards the end of the game...

We had so much fun. The Blues lost, but it was the best game I've ever been to.
I actually got teary eyed as the game started watching Sawyer and his face; him being so completely enthralled with everything going on, and just thrilled beyond measure to be there in the middle of it. Not to mention the fact that he is THREE YEARS OLD and how in the world did he get old enough to be cheering, chanting, high-fiving and obsessing over all things hockey?!?

Happy Third Birthday Little Buddy!

I'll get real birthday pics up as soon as we're done celebrating today...


K.M.L said...

I am glad he had a great time! What great memories....

Gabe and Heidi's P.A.D. said...

Give Sawyer a happy birthday hug and kiss from his aunt and uncle!

Nicole said...

Happy Birthday Sawyer! Looks like he had a blast!

beanski said...

TOO CUTE...a little guy after my own heart loving hockey. Cute to see him so amazed!

Debbie said...

HAPPY, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO THE BIG 3-YEAR OLD BIG BOY SAWYER!!! Hope he has lots of fun at his first indoor soccer experience today! Give him a big birthday kiss and hug from us and tell him we love and miss him! (Hope his Bday gifts/package gets there today.)
Mom/Gramma Debbie

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